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First Time Cycle Advise

Hey guys! I’ve been training now for about 1 year consistently I’m 22 years old I weigh 75kgs and I’m 175cm tall.

I’m currently looking into my first cycle. I’ve had a lot of friends do it and I’ve done plenty of research. Roughly from reading through the forum over the last couple of weeks I was thinking of running Test E and DBols
Week 1 - 4, 500mg twice a week
Week 4 - 8 1000mg twice a week
Week 8 - 12 1500mg twice a week
And I’d also take 500mg of DBols a day in its tablet form in the last 6 weeks of my cycle.
I’ll want to make sure I’ve got my PCT on hand first so I won’t start anything until I’ve got my novla and Arimidex.

In terms of diet I want to maximise my capacity to gain weight and lift heavy because it’s difficult for me to gain weight generally so I was thinking around 250g of protein 300g carbs looking at about 3000-3500 calories daily.

Any advice would be great!

Must be troll…

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Nope. Not today.

Increase the dbol to 1000 mg twice a day. And add some tren. Gainzzzzzz

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Run with it.

Good luck with that lol.

Says " I’ve been doing a lot of research…reading these forums"

Proposes cycle