First Time Cycle: Acne and Estrogen Conversion?

Hi all!

Im 23, 91kg, 15% BF.
I’m currently on my first cycle of Test E, today is the start of my 6th week, I’m having 500mg a week (250mg twice), 0.25 Arimadex EOD.

The past few days I’ve started to have a few (3-4) very minor pimples come up around my nose and 1 or 2 on my back. Could this be a sign of Estrogen conversion? I don’t believe I have any other sides from what I can tell.

If so, in your opinion, would it be time to up Arimadex to 0.5mg?

I see my specialist tomorrow with all my blood results and will be tested mid cycle also.


No. Pimples are not sides that you up the AI for.Not even the giant bullseye ones.