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First Time Cutting

Hi everyone, first off, although i have been training seriously for almost 3 years, it has been almost completly in Olympic Weightlifting. Anyway, i started to seriously train when i weighed about 160lbs and 9% body-fat and within about 2 years im now up to 215 and 15% bodyfat. So right now im about 7-8lbs over my weightclass limit of 207, so i have decided to try a short cut to get ride of the 7lbs.

I get plenty of protien each day, eat about every 2.5 hours, supplement my omega 3-6-9’s and usually dont worry about my carbs to much. I also average about 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

I have decided to go with a low-carb, high fat/protien diet and only a small amount of carbs with breakfast and a larger amount of carbs right after my workouts(which are mostly olympic weightlifting and some swimming)

So far i have lost about 6lbs, but i dont feel any leaner, in fact i dont feel tighter in the least, and although i have yet to get my body-fat% measured, it feels like i can grab more skin when i use my fingers(most notice-able on my triceps).

Am i doing something wrong or do i just need to give it more time??