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First Time Cutting


As the title states this will be my first time cutting, for the last couple of years I have concentrated on gaining muscle and I am now at the point where I want to cut. I am 5'10 and I fluctuate between 195-200 lbs. I have no idea what my BF% is but I can see my abs. I believe that to get to my goal I have to lose about 15-20 lbs, problem is I have never cut so, I really have no idea how to attack this to keep most of the muscle gained. This is what I have thought about any input is welcome.

Weights 4x a week

Cardio 2x

Calories will be kept between 2300-2400 cal.

I have never really ate alot of carbs so they will be around:
100g training
50g non-training
These will only be complex carbs, fruits, and certain veggies. I will not be counting green veggies towards total.
The rest of the daily total will be split between protein and fat.

So how does it look?
I know I want to lift 4x a week but, do not what kind of split to follow any ideas?


My personal opinion is that if you are lean enough to see abs at 195-200 lbs, then 2300-2400 cals is too low unless you wanna lose some LBM in the process.



I was worried they might be to low. Well I can see my abs but they are not defined yet, I can really see the top 4. What would be a better range? Any I deas on the training? I read your your thread a while back great job.


Being that you have been trying to gain for two years, by this time you should know how much food it takes to keep you at maintenance level. I suggest you eat at that level for one week, counting the cals as you go. Then, when you are trying to lose, just drop that by a couple hundred and try it for a week or two. When you stall, add more cardio or drop cals again.