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First Time Cruiser Advice?

I have done quite a few cycles but this time it got away from me. Never expected gyno to flair up from just 500 test and anavar but it did . I Have a trt script which I just usually stockpile and blast away then I pct and stockpile again . This time I will go from blast of 1000 mg test per week to 200 mg per week. This cycle I had gyno prob in the beginning from the test prop I started with. Which it was bail or pump it up so I choose to go for it. anyhow I ended up keeping the tamoxifen and jacked my test up from 500 wk to 1000.

Cycle was
550 test weeks 1-4
1000 test weeks 4-16
Anavar weeks 1-4 25/50 mgs
Masteron weeks 4-10 600 mg
Anavar weeks 10-12 25 mgs
Arimidex .5 eod weeks 1-3
Arimidex 1 mg Ed 3-16
Nolvadex 20mgs wks 3-16
Almost the whole time I’ve been taking tamoxifen 20 mgs along with 1 mg of arimidex ( less 30% for interacting with the tamoxifen). This totally hindered the gains Quite a bit I feel. Anyway I’m wondering has anybody on this forum takin tamoxifen a whole cycle if so how did you come off it etc… ? Did you use an AI in case rebound if so how much ? Ok thanks for reading fellas lmk if you have some experience in this realm.

Gyno from test and anavar…sounds like someone got “anavar” that was actually winstrol and dbol.

Our resident endo has been very informative about how he prefers Nolva during cycle instead of an AI. He did a whole write up about the benefits of that protocol. From what I remember he suggests Nolva on cycle at a low dose and then ramping it up to higher doses during pct. At least that’s my memory of it. You can look up the thread and see what he said. It was called “for all you AI preachers” or something to that effect.

Cool thanks! Yeah I thought the same thing and I told my guy it’s not anavar lol dbol most likely I was a serious sex machine on whatever that was . Ok I will check out that thread , thanks