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First Time Creatine

I am planning on starting to take creatine for the first time on May 1st, and I want to see if my plan makes sense.
I am thinking about doing 10g/day for the first week, followed by 5g/day for 10 weeks and then 10g/day again for 1 week.
During this time I plan on doing a 5 day/ week hypertrophy program (not a T-Nation program but one given to me by a professor that I have had success with in the past).
As far as diet I was thinking TDawg 2.0 but I am worried that it may be too low calorie.
My stats, I am 5 foot 10, 193llbs (I was 170 before x-mas, I think the new weight is probably half muscle half fat) I started training in September, my current lifts are bench: 185 (weak I know), squat 270, deadlift 300.
How should I tweak this plan to make it more effective??
Also is the general agreement still that glutamine is useless? I saw it mentioned a few places as useful but when I did an archive search I found two articles by Dave Barr bashing it. Thanks in advance guys.
–Who Is John Galt

After the initial loading phase there is essential no reason to have to up your creatine again to 10 grams/day. Essentially all you really need is 3 grams/day or (maybe a bit more for vegetarians). Rather than try and explain all of this I’m going to say I don’t need to b/c the editors have already done that for me back in 98…