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First Time Competition


Well me and my brother have been training for a while now.

I picked up a pretty serious injury and has surgery to repair it, in the mean time my brother has become quite strong.

He is preparing for his first O competition at the toronto pro super show in the juniors.

He has never had any formal coaching but still puts up respectable numbers (by ontario standards at least) for his age and time of training.
I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips or advice to prepare him. I will also try and add some updated videos of his training leading into the comp.


just curious, what weight class is he and how much is he putting up? i've never had any formal coaching either, but i've never competed either so i can't really give you any tips lol


He weighs in at 96 kg right now so I'm guessing he would be looking at 94 kg and eventually move up

His snatch pb is 93 kg and C&J is 120 kg.

He is tall as well standing at 6'3" so to move more weights he will need to move to 105kg at least


Check out the Ontario Weightlifting web site for past results. As a junior, those are respectable numbers.

Never miss your opening lift. It'll mess your head up and put you behind the 8 ball.



This, especially for your first competition. There will probably be some jitters so opening at a weight you can smoke will help build confidence and help ensure the rest of the competition goes smoothly and is a positive experience.


working on some form earlier on, cleans today worked upto 265lb

anyone here able to provide some critique on the technique? as a side note, his oly shoes are coming on wednesday


I think that's what people call "clean with front squat", i.e. your bro doesn't need to come down rock bottom if he can receive the bar high enough. Perhaps I'm wrong though but it seems that your bro should be able to clean more.


oh yeah that was just on of the first warm ups he went up to 255


For being slef-coached, it looks pretty good. Hard to watch it sideways. Does he split jerk or squat jerk?



split jerk for now, i will get a video of some heavier lifts up soon


If your brother needs any last minute advice, look for Larry Sheppard. He's the Provincial Junior Coach. He would probably be very interesting to meet both of you.



Thanks! Do you know how to get a hold of him?
As far as I can see he is in North Bay (assuming it's the right one) which is a solid drive from here?

As far as competing goes, would anyone be able to talk me through the basic events that will happen, i.e. starting weights, when do I give them, how much time in between lifts, just the basic format. I will be going as his "coach" just so that I can take that pressure of having to worry about the annoying stuff off him. That way he can focus on doing the lifts so I am trying to do as much as I can to get stuff figured out.


North Bay is a solid drive from everywhere.

Try coachsheppard@yahoo.ca

He's pretty short, so he's hard to find in a crowd.



haha thanks ! I will mention it to him.

This is a jerk from today, 265 attempt which was one of the ones that i filmed.

He eventually went on to hit 275. Still waiting on the lifting shoes.


so all said and done placed 4th according to the sinclair ratings.
totaled 197kg at 94.3kg.
Super proud of my brother right now


Nice mate!

Keep it up!

I remember seeing my little bro do about 12/15 or so when he was 11? Now he can monster 77/100 at comp and FS 130kg @ 63.4kg @ 16. He's starting to get beasty. Other bro was scrawny as f0ck when he was 14. Now he's built like a brick sh!t house, that was 12yrs ago. You can go very far in this game if you just stick at it and have the b@lls to do it. Keep pounding those weights week after week and month after month and year on year.



thanks man, he powered all his lifts so he is obviously lacking technique but 3 weeks to prep for the contest isn't anything to sneeze at. Will be working with a real coach come september!


thanks man, he powered all his lifts so he is obviously lacking technique but 3 weeks to prep for the contest isn't anything to sneeze at. Will be working with a real coach come september!


How come the weight until september?



it is rugby season now, and rugby is his "first" sport so to speak, the olympic lifting is sort of between hobby and sport