First Time Competing in Men's Physique

I competed in the ANBF Gambler’s classic on March 18th 2017. Ultimately earning a pro card in Men’s Physique with the help from my coach @The_Mighty_Stu and support from the Wolf Pack. I now set my sights on my next challenge which is 6 weeks ahead to the INBF Northeast Classic.


Holy Lats, man. Nice work. Other guys weren’t close to size or conditioning.


Thank you brother! Always more improvements to be made :wink: trying to really bring up the conditioning and overall package for the INBF show may 6 so figure il keep some weekly pics coming!


Very impressive lats! Good work

Would you mind talking a little about your back training?


Im flattered! Thank you Nothing too out of the box. Pulldowns,variations of rows, straight arm push downs but in my opinion the glue that makes it all happen are the wide grip pullups. I do wide grip pull ups with weights on me and I feel it has really helped create that nice V taper. Still have tons of work to do but I really do appreciate the compliment! Also I have a 28 inch waist so that gives a super illusion :slight_smile:


Lucky dude…Pretty sure I had a 28" waist when I was born haha


Yeah I am far from a big guy but just have to work with what you are dealt lol

What’s your height and stage weight?

5 foot 5 and 130. People freak out when I tell them. They can’t understand how I am not 150

Kind of a cool series of pictures of my evolution. Top left was Winter 2012, Top Right was summer of 2013, Bottom left I would say was sometime early 2016 or late 2015, and the bottom right was the day of the snowstorm during my peak week March 7, 2017. I got more and more serious about my training and nutrition. It went from a hobby to a full blown passion. Nutrition is a major player because in all of these photographs I was training but obviously not always eating so great and I also never did cardio before my prep and I mean NEVER. I am putting this out there as more of an inspiration to all natural young lifters without super duper genetics that you can develop a solid physique without drugs. Not an attack on drug assisted lifters but too often I see young kids at my gym in their late teens/early 20s starting up with drugs and I don’t think they understand just how long it takes to build muscle!


Great set of pics!! Amazing job. Bottom left seems like the one, what’s
your take?

Not sure what you mean by the one?

Thanks for the reply, I also have a small waist but my lats sure as shit don’t stand out like that :grinning:

Great to see more competitors coming along.


Thank you again for the support! How long have you been competing for? Which shows have you done/planning to do? Are you physique/classic/bodybuilding?

I’ve never competed, when I said more competitors I wasn’t including myself. I just love seeing the threads and take lots of ideas and inspiration from them.

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Ook awesome! Just checked your thread Super progress brother! I think you could be very good in competition whenever/if you ever choose to do so. Competing or not the addiction to make improvements and be better than yesterday is truly what I love about this endeavor! Keep it up and don’t let jealous losers try and bring you down to their level!

Pictures from last night. Currently 5 weeks out from my next competition. Figure I will post a weekly front and back picture to capture some of the hopeful improvements in conditioning!


whats your diet looking like bro!

I do a 3 day carb cycle (low,medium,high) Low day 90 F 48 C 177 P for a total of 1700 Cal Medium Day F 78 C 172 P 190 2100 Cal and High Day is 53 F 261 C and 140 P for a total of roughly 2010.

ohh okay sounds good bro my diet is very similar