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First Time Buying Bands

Hello T-Nation. I have finally decided to invest in some bands. I am extremely new to the idea of accommodating resistance, and was wondering if these bands would be good for squat bench and deadlift work. My only question is are short bands inadequate compared to their longer counter parts. Or will these serve me well. I like the deal because its a variety of bands for a low cost. Please any tips that you guys can give whatsoever on accommodating resistance or bands that you have had the longest, or tips and tricks is appreciated.

I currently have 4 sets of longs ( micro-minis thru lights) , and 4 sets of shorts ( minis thru averages ) .

I use them for all 3 powerlifts ; I use them at home at least 3 times a week .

I use the micros the least . I havent used the short-averages yet , but I will be this cycle , and expect to well beyond that .

the longs can be used for squatting ;good mornings ; doubled for benching ; reverse band variations .

the shorts can be used for DL variations ; benching in a rack ; and so on .

save on shipping …order big . the 8 dollar box (shipping cost) holds about 10 sets of bands .

if you can spring for a DL platform…hell yeah !

check out the Westside thread for shitloads of ideas .

Long for deadlift/squatting. Shorts for bench and deadlifting. Shorts won’t work for squatting.

Get a set of minis (red) short and long, a long set of light (orange), long set of avg (silver). That should satisfy most of your needs.

I have a pair of short lights, monster minis, and pro band fierce, all from EliteFTS. Accommodating resistance is awesome, really teaches your body to accelerate faster to overcome load.

If you’re just starting, I’d say start with squats. Get pair of long bands that aren’t ridiculous. Maybe 100lbs resistance at the top. EliteFTS has charts that tell you, and you can always increase the weight by stretching the band further.

I google searched “8 dollar box” lol

[quote]louiek wrote:
I google searched “8 dollar box” lol[/quote]

thats funny shit…creative math .

what I meant was the size box that will hold 10 sets costs 8 bucks to ship . if you order 1 set of bands , it will still cost 8 bucks to ship .

[quote]louiek wrote:
I google searched “8 dollar box” lol[/quote]

that just gave the straight dumbfounded look for soooo long. good shit haha