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First Time Bridging Between Cycles


hey guys need some help... just got off a 10 week cycle of equipoise and test E. I'm getting back on a different cycle in six weeks and it was recommended to me to bridge. I've never bridge before but have gone on and off cycles before by using pct cycles.... i started my bridge stage on Monday of this week and was told to inject 1/2cc every 7 days for the fist two weeks and then go down to 1/4cc every 7 days for the next four weeks.. i been doing allot research on bridging and haven't found what I'm looking for..I wanna know if this is the right approach and if what i am doing is the right thing. if anyone can give me any advice i would greatly appreciate it.


Well, bridging isn't too popular around here because it prevents HPTA recovery from a cycle. You absolutely will not regain natural function on a bridge of test. The doses you are talking about are hormone replacement doses, and low ones at that. All you will do is replace your natural test. Wouldn't be worth it IMO. Just recover for a longer period and then go back on.

On another note, what you're describing is blasting and cruising, where you don't come off but cycle dosages. Some people do this year round, but the cruise doses are often higher than what you're talking about. But note that this is not really the best option unless you are competitive at a high level (i.e. you are going to go pro) or your natural test production is shot and you need hormone replacement therapy anyway. If that's the case, check out the TRT forum here. Some guys there are on TRT and rotate between replacement dose prescribed by a doc and cycle levels.

Either way, if you stay on, you won't recover. As much as it sucks, you have to some off for that.


People with healthy HPTAs can partially recover on 25-50mg of test per week. LH an FSH might be lower, but total test will be higher than it would be without the extra test. That's how androgel works. However, I don't think it's a good idea to a bridge inbetween cycles, because it counts as "on time."

It takes two weeks for the test-e to clear, so you shouldn't use anything during the first two weeks of the taper other than nolva or hCG. After than, use less than 75mg of total AAS per week. The less you use, the more natural production you'll have. Also, it would be a better idea to taper off, wait a few months, then do a cycle.


Basically I was doing 50-7mgs for three weeks now and yesterday was week three. The reason Iâ??m doing this is cause Iâ??m going on a Decca/ sustanan for 10-12 weeks in two weeks...i just got off a test/ equipose cycle that i was on for ten weeks. i gained 12lbs off of it.. i didnt wanna lose steengh or my gains and i was told this is the best way to. I have never done it like this... usuallyi would go off and use clomid after... i have never had a problem with gyno... what cycle do u reccommend start to finish? I have sustanon but waiting on the Decca. Iâ??m 193lbs and want to reach 200-205. Thank you for all your help


Have you ever done what the OP is talking about? Or know someone who has, that youve spoken with thoroughly first hand?

If not, then you dont have a valid opinion to give. In My Opinion.


WHat do you mean 'its not a good idea' ?

A good idea for whom? In what situation? With what goals in mind?

Stop making general statements that have no application to a very specific way to use PED's


OP first off. Unless youre pretty short, you probably need to fix your diet. 12lbs in a 10 week cycle isnt that great.

Typical methods for blasting and cruising are cycle dose -> 200-250mg/Test -> cycle dose.

If you plan to come off after the test/deca cycle then you are probably better off just going right into it now or coming off completely and cycle like youre used it. Blasting and cruising is not ideal for a 3-4 month period only. Its best employed over a longer duration with multiple blasts and cruises.


As has been said, I, personally, wouldn't bridge because of the HPTA recovery issues mentioned. As an amateur competitor (so Bonez doesn't get on my ass, which is not a bad thing that he questions the validity of others), I have always been told by those more advanced than myself that a good PCT/recovery beats bridging anyday, simply in regards to KEEPING your gains. However, if you are relatively advanced (you know if you are), older, or don't care to recover your ability to naturally recover like you otherwise would be able to, cruising and blasting and bridging are superior if your goal is to get as big/lean as possible.

Just so you know, I am not nearly as experienced with AAS as many others (Cortes, Bonez, BBB, etc.) but I do take a lot of time to ask peers and friends about topics like this. If I am incorrect in anything I've said above, I ask that a more advanced poster corrects me. Just trying to help how I can...