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First Time Board Press


I'll be trying board presses for the first time and just wanted some advice.

As far as I know most people recommend 2x6. Do these need to be cut?

What do you use to hold the boards in place?

Does anyone sell boards that are already set up for this type of exercise or does everyone make their own concoction?

Sorry but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to this exercise. Any insight from experienced lifters in this exercise is greatly appreciated.



You'll get boards there.

My 2x6 boards were cut from a piece of 2x9. I'm sure you can get some 2x6 easily enough tho. About 12-16 inches is the generally recomended length.

As for putting em together... I have 5 single boards. I use velcro which I glue on to hold em together. That way I only have to bring 4 boards to the gym if I'm gonna do 2 and 4 board presses.

If you don't havea training partner to hold the boards on your chest then you could use a suggestion from EFS and use a mini bad. If you don't have a mini band then maybe get a long belt (or 2 joined together) and loop it over the boards and around your back (although I've never actually tried it I would imagine it would work!)


www.elitefts.com sells boards


buying boards are a waste of money. Just cut some 2x6's or even 2x4's, whatever you have. keep them as singles, the velcro idea is a good one. if i dont have a partner i but them under my sweatshirt and that hold them in place.


My gym uses 2x6s. They have one board about three feet long with additional boards only about a foot long screwed together on one end of the three-footer. They have several of two, three, and four-board thicknesses. I can't imagine it would be too costly or difficult to make these at home using cheap pine boards.

I have only seen these used with a training partner who holds the three-footer in place on the lifter's chest while he does the presses.


Cool idea to put them under your sweatshirt. Thanks!


Thanks for the suggestions, Hanley.