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First Time Blasting! Liking It

Decided to go for it. Been on TRT now for a while 180mg/week. Been lifting on and off for years and now that I’m 37 decided to dip my toes. Doing 8 weeks at 400mg/week Test Cyp and some Arimidex (nipples got tender week 3) and its been going pretty well. I’m a strength guy and not working for aesthetics and the results have bee great.


Welcome to the dark side!

I like to blast with orals. I keep my cruise the same and add Tbol for short blasts of about a month. You might consider running anavar as one of your blasts, it good for fat loss, better pumps and just tightening up over all.

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Yea bro have some var ordered up for my next blast. Put on some nice muscle but the problem with being a strength guy is I am still a big dude. I’m done with this blast next week. Hoping to run keto, stopping the beer (my vice) and upping my cardio until Thanksgiving and doing a var blast the last 6 of the keto diet.

open to starting a log? I’d like to follow along.

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This blast is almost over. When I start the var I def will.

I’ll chime in here as a blast and cruise guy. Once you get to where you lose your gains on cruise (TRT), for me, it doesn’t make sense to keep blasting and cruising (you are just renting the muscle at a high cost at that point), or at least not on the same interval. Maybe a shorter blast once a year to keep up the muscle. Now for most guys their potential for muscle on a good TRT dose is better than most think. At 5’10" I am 195 lbs with abs, and could probably be 205-210 with better abs than I do now with a few more blasts.

I am also more of a strength guy, but I like to look good too. You can do both if you are okay losing a bit of absolute strength. Your relative strength will almost always go up cutting down.

Cruise and TRT are not exactly the same. TRT is to keep your bloods in ranges. Cruise is to maintain gains while resting from blast.
Big guys often cruise on 300-400mg.


I agree. I know guys who cruise north of 500 mg/wk, or they used to at least. I think for OP, his cruise is TRT. I generally try to call my cruise a cruise (not TRT), because even though it is in TRT dosage range, I do it on my own.

I do think for most guys, that they would be wise to try to get to high TRT dosages at most for their cruise. If they are trying to do something really impressive, then that advice may not apply. For me, I want the benefits of blasting and cruising and not much of the negatives that come from high blasts, and high cruises. I do think there is diminishing returns with AAS, so I am hoping to get a good percent what the guys using high dosages are getting without the negatives. Just my preference. I do understand though that I won’t be able to touch the performance of what high dosages can do. More is better with this (only in regards to gains). I don’t know how to quantify the difference between a guy who cruises on 500, and blasts on 2 grams, vs the guy who cruises on 200 and blasts on 500-1,000 mg? I am hoping long term it ends up being 70% of the former, but I may be wrong.

Total dosages matter but to an individual level.
What i believe in is that you cant really say “guys who blast 2g of gear” in such a general statement because for me - if i blasted 2g now, my squat wouldnt skyrocket to yours on TRT. Maybe after months on 2g with a correct training plan, but not that sudden. Also there are guys like Lee Priest who probably never touched more than a gram total.
What im trying to say is - we cant use dosages in examples. Some guys get gyno from smelling test, i have never had any on no matter what. Its not the dose, its the person, so someone might get a pro card in IBFF on 1g and some look like crap on 3g.
With this in mind, cruise dosages differ the same way imo. Some can use 80mg/wk like Greg Doucette and still look like a pro bodybuilder. Some need 200, some need 400.

But can’t you squat like 600lbs or something?

Imagine your squat was like 350, DL was like 480, BP was like 270 and you weighed 220lbs and took 2 grams.

Contrary to popular belief Doucette DID downsize a bit when he dropped down to 100mg/wk.

He posted his lifting numbers in his journal

You probably already squat more than I do lol. There is a reason I want to do a push / pull meet instead of a full meet.

For sure, that’s also one of the reasons why not everyone on legit trt though a doctor is on the same dosage. The guys who need bigger cruise dosages will usually need bigger blasts too. I do think for most guys, that 300 mg/wk or lower should work for a cruise. Some guys will have great levels and maintain on 100, some will need that higher dose to hold gains, and even to be at the higher end of the ranges for blood levels.

Naa, the only squat on video i have is 200kg - 440lbs, and a bit after that i fucked my back… im back to leg stuff for the 2nd week now only, and i reset my 531 pretty much… i will probably need months to attemt same lifts again, if i decide to.

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Looked clean af. The strong guys in my gym have as clean a technique but don’t go as deep. They strive for 300 kg right now. I’m shooting for 180 kg this year.

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435 is my best in just a belt and sleeves (probably had a bit more, but jumped to 455 and missed it). You did it without a belt. I’ve done 507 with wraps as my best overall squat.

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Ehhh, I don’t think belts help that much. I’ve just started wearing one to avoid injury. It doesn’t appear to add more than 5-10lbs to my lifts.

A belt is something you need to learn to use. If you do that, it will add more (at least it does for me). I probably get closer to 25 lbs out of it.

I get more out of it for squat, then deadlift. I don’t even bother with it for bench, but it is helpful for ohp and row.


Sorry been away all weekend. My cycle is over this week. I want to lean out quite a bit before I do another so planning on doing 6-8 weeks of keto. Then I may blast some var. Will let you know.

Dosing regimen and your peak/trough numbers on that regimen if you please?