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First Time Back in 5 Years Since Injury


Hi guys,

5 years ago I injured my back in the military(fractured vertebrae, three herniated discs and then some) and I am finally back to where I am in little to no pain for the last year or so. I could not even imagine what my max reps would be since it has been so long since I have touched weights. I am basically a beginner again. I just want to get back in and regain the strength and size I lost.

I have been out of this scene for many years and forgotten some of the great programs that I used from this site. Any suggestions for a simple program would be greatly appreciated. Just looking for strength and size, not that pussy 20 rep curl and toothpick calves junk. Thanks!


First of all, thank you for your beverage. I like it. A lot.

Whatever program you choose, I'd suggest making sure to include some "prehab" stuff to keep you healthy. Things like foam rolling and some direct core work (planks, Pallof press, etc.) would be a start to make sure you keep your "problem areas" strong and healthy.

There are tons of plans in the Archives, but this one from Tim Henriques is specifically-designed for people coming back to training after an injury. It's prettyy different, doing sets for time instead of reps, but might be worth considering.

Wendler's 5/3/1 is probably one of the most versatile templates around, so you could start with something as "simple" as his 2 day a week routine and increase the training after a month or so.


x2 on that Henriques article Chris gave you. -start out with machines and really ease into it.

Swimming and stretching sessions also something to consider on off days.

and of course... thank you for your service.


Chris/Rampant, thank you for that suggestion by Tim. That looks like a unique and great place to start things off again. Much appreciated!