First Time - Anavar Only Cycle Questions

Hi all,

This is my first time trying an anabolic steroid. I am 28 years old and have been training on and off since I was 18. I have used all the supplements from creatine to NO and the like. I never have really wanted to get huge, but rather just attain a very fit physique with low body fat (like the guys you see on the cover of Mens Health). I am currently using USPLabs Jack3d in addition to OxyElite Pro in an effort to get cut up. I am 5’11’’ and about 190 pounds. I am trying to lose about 10 pounds of fat and replace it with 10 pounds of muscle. Nothing crazy. Anyway…

I read a lot about Anavar being a very light anabolic with great fat burning attributes and the least side-effects, so I figured I would give it a shot. However, when I read about “anavar only” cycles, there are a lot of people that say “don’t do it, it’s a waste of money and it is not effective at all.” But then there are people that disagree and have equally intelligent arguments; I have a feeling the people who think an Anavar-only cycle is a waste are bodybuilders who use steroids for the HUGE muscle gains that they are capable of giving. And while that is great, it is not my goal. I just want to get stronger, put on some lean muscle, and get cut up. The price is not an issue for me. My plan is:

50mg ED for 6-12 weeks hoping to gain 5-10 lbs of lean muscle and shed 10 lbs of fat. Working out (high intensity) 6 days a week with 20 minutes of cardio daily.

I read that Anavar is “useless” without supplementing it with something like Test, but there is no way I am going to use a needle (sorry, It’s just not that important to me and I have an issue with needles). So, is Anavar by itself truly useless or is that just a relative term used by bodybuilders who know anabolics can do MUCH more when combined with something stronger? If there is another oral that I could use in conjunction with Anavar safely, I would consider that as well.

And I would also like to know if I should be on any Post Cycle Therapy during or afterwards?

What kind of diet would you recommend for this goal? How many calories (carbs/fat/etc) should consume in order to get the most out of the Anavar but also lose body fat?

Thanks for you help!

If you’re going to use anavar only, up the dose. BBB recently recommended “the highest dose you can afford up to 120mg/day”, I’m pretty sure.

As far as using other steroids with it, Bill Roberts has mentioned anavar and anadrol compliment each other well. I think he recommended 75mg of each per day.

120mg a day seems excessive for a first time user. I read of some people who start with doses as low as 30mg. What would you recommend for someone 190 lbs using AAS for the first time?

120mg is not awfully excessive. It is probably more than you need for your first time.

As far as you reading what people start with, I also read about a dude starting with 100mg of test E per week and pyramiding his cycle, so people do dumb shit.

Start with a decent dose and work up if you feel the need.

75-100mg would probably be good.

But then again, I have not used var, so I have no first hand advice to offer.

You do need PCT.

Your goals are pedestrian.

How bout food and cardio?

You will absolutely not lose 10lbs of fat AND gain 10lbs of muscle on 50mg of var. Thats comical. Do you understand how dramatic the change in your physique would be after such a shift in body comp?

If you are %15 bodyfat at the moment (I have a feeling thats probably accurate solely based on the way peoeople with your mindset tend to look) than you are carrying 28.5 pounds of fat (161.5 lbs LBM). You are looking to carry 18.5lbs of fat at 190lbs. That would be 9.7% bodyfat.

Well nevermind. I guess if you realized all of this youd have a better grasp on all of this in general and would know how to get to 10% bf at 5’10 190lbs. If Im way off and youre already really lean then please correect me.

Also. Running var for 12 weeks as a first timer. You’ll be getting tests done periodically to check liver values, right?

“28 years old and have been training on and off since I was 18”

…maybe you might want to start by training consistently, not ‘off and on’

I also suspect that from what you say about the supps you’ve been using that you have relied on them, at least to some extent, instead of learning how to and following through with working out properly (and with intensity). Anavar is not going to magically make you look like a fitness magazine cover model no matter what the dosage - you still have to work out hard and eat right.

Bonez makes a good point - at your size, replacing 10# of fat with 10# of muscle is actually a very ambitious goal…doable, but probably not in 6-12 wks. Since your goal is looking like a fitness model, why even bother arbitrarily pulling numbers out of your ass and just go by what you see in the mirror…who knows - you might look better with an extra 10# of muscle regardless of fat loss

Now that I’m done busting your chops I will say that while I have had good experience with Anavar at 100/ED for 10 wks, I was running it with test and tren and don’t know what it would’ve done by itself. I know a few women who have run it by itself at anywhere from 15-30 mg/ED (which I guess is a pretty good dose for a chick), and they leaned up a bit and got stronger, but it wasn’t spectacular by any means ( once again, mainly due to the fact that they did not really know how to train with sufficient intensity).

[quote]Klaudio wrote:
And I would also like to know if I should be on any Post Cycle Therapy during or afterwards?

Is this a question? Think about what you just said. Post cycle therapy. Post cycle. POST. CYCLE.

Thanks for the input guys. I understand where you are coming from and Bonez you are right about my BF. I said 5-10 lbs muscle gain and 10 lbs fat loss as kind of an “ideal” goal - I really have no clue what to expect from using an AAS, so I figure why not shoot high. I do train very intensely - 6 days a week (1 major and 1 minor muscle group each time) with about 30 minutes of cardio afterwards.

I gave the analogy of a “fitness model” not as an expectation of what I want to look like after one cycle (LOL I WISH), but rather the type of look I am eventually shooting for (rather than the huge muscle-bound look that many on this forum are looking for - nothing wrong with it, just not what i’m going for). So, yeah, i’m not THAT ignorant… just wanted to be clear on my goal of cutting up as a priority with muscle gain secondary. Which is why I figured if I can easily lose 10 lbs of fat without the help of a steroid in 6-12 weeks, adding 5 (maybe 10) lbs of muscle in that time with the help of a steroid could be possible? It doesn’t seem that far fetched… I mean assuming I train intensely (as I always do), that seems reasonable?

Regarding liver values, since I read that anavar is relatively light I was hoping that it would be pretty safe for me to do this without going to far as to go to a doctor and check out my liver. After all, it’s only 6-12 weeks?

So if I am going to do this right, lets say I start at 50mg ED. What kind of diet (carbs/fat/etc) should I shoot for in order to attain my goal of #1 cutting up #2 gaining some lean muscle?

Thanks for your constructive criticism, I really do appreciate it.

re: the PCT response… yeah I am new to this so I wasn’t sure if there was such a thing as DCT (during cycle therapy) or something lol. I was hoping that would slip by :wink:

No offense, but if you are that uneducated on the topic you probably shouldn’t waste your time and money…You don’t know what post cycle therapy is really, don’t know that there IS during cycle (therapy?) in some cases where ancillaries are used, ect.

Also you should post some of your training. I seriously doubt with your mindset (at least how you come off to me) you are training as intensely as you think.

You should keep tabs on liver enzymes regardless of how “mild” an oral is. Especially running it 12 weeks.

I still think with the mindset I am guessing you have by the way you are coming across, that your goals are far fetched. Cutting that much fat and adding that much muscle is not impossible, but will take longer than 6-12 weeks, and just tossing some anavar in doesn’t mean you are just going to magically shed the fat and pack on muscle. It will help, just like all steroids help, but its a small part of the equation.

Look at diet, training, sleep, how long do you have to recover between workouts, ect. Fix that first, and if you are training off and on, why waste your time. Why even train at all. Either do it or don’t.

You are right about me not being educated about it. However, I did enough reading to know that I do eventually want to try Anavar since it is mild and its benefits match my goals. I just ordered some and I expect it to arrive in 7-14 days, so in that time I am doing my research on the subject so that when it arrives I will hopefully be educated enough to have a training / diet regimen that is appropriate and safe. I don’t know if I will run it for 12 weeks. I am thinking that 6 weeks of 50-75mg ED may be more realistic for me as a first time cycle.

In terms of PCT, I have read mixed reviews but most people say it is not required for an anavar-only cycle. Thoughts on this?

I do not know why you think my mindset is far fetched. I have already cut 15 pounds of fat in just over a month with my current 6 day/week training regimine. Probably gained a few pounds of muscle too. I only used OxyElite Pro to keep my appetite down. I do appreciate your criticism but although I have not been the most consistent in the past, I am extremely motivated right now and I would like to move beyond the fat loss (15 lbs in the past month) and into the cutting/muscle building. I don’t think tossing anavar in to my routine is going to “magically” shed the fat; I have been doing that “naturally” (using a light thermogenic) with intense cardio sessions daily. I just think it will help, as all steroids do, if combined with the right diet and exercise… which is what brought me here: I’d like to make sure I have the right diet, dosage, and exercise routine to maximize my results.

If you can suggest an example training/diet regimine along with the appropriate Var dosage for my height/weight, that would be greatly appreciated.

Again, I do appreciate the constructive criticism. That’s how we learn!

No, you learn by doing research.

No one is going to write out a diet/training program/steroid cycle for you. That’s what people get paid to do.

You already got suggestions on what you should do. Put some of your own effort into it, it’s your OWN body after all.

Also, if you lost 15lbs of fat in one month (which is nearly impossible), you are either obese or a beginner. Neither of these would qualify you for steroid use.

The best advice that you will receive, which is incidentally the advice you won’t listen to, is to do more research on diet and workout programs, do A LOT more research on AAS use, and then make an educated decision 6-12 months down the road. You may have reached your fitness goals by then anyway.

"I gave the analogy of a “fitness model” not as an expectation of what I want to look like after one cycle (LOL I WISH), but rather the type of look I am eventually shooting for (rather than the huge muscle-bound look that many on this forum are looking for - nothing wrong with it, just not what i’m going for). "

You sound like many of the women I’ve tried to train…say they only want to ‘tone up’. Maybe if you train as hard as possible and try to get a huge and muscular as you can, you MIGHT, possibly, kind-sorts, eventually look like a fitness model. I seriously doubt that regardless of how much steroids you take, you are in any danger of becoming ‘too muscular’

As to caloric intake: 1. Eat food. 2. If you aren’t growing, eat more food. 3. If you are getting fat, eat less food. No one here can tell you how many calories you need

Don’t get discouraged by some of the things a few self-righteous people say. You asked perfectly reasonable questions and your intentions are clear enough for the information you’re seeking. Yes, asking these questions in the plain way you did is itself a powerful method of research as long as you’re able to weed through the moronic responses, and focus in on the simple, quality answers to your simple questions. Some of these people pretend to be offended if you don’t already know more than they do, or at the very least already know the answers to the questions you’re asking.
It is difficult to do good research on these subjects because if you don’t subscribe to a lifestyle that involves putting 100% of your time and energy into “research,” then you’re “wasting your time,” and you’re “probably not working hard enough,” and you should just quit, or whatever other idiotic thing some meatheads have been saying here.
Not everyone interested in using a product needs to be a thoroughly educated scientist on the subject. So, you’re on the right track.
To your anavar question, I’ve heard also that it really needs to be supplemented with a Test in order to work. And like you, I’m still trying to decipher whether or not that is the truth, or just a thoughtless response by someone who doesn’t care to understand that I may have different goals from them.

^you can’t even read the date of the post you’re replying to. What makes you think you possess the comphrehension skills to lecture anyone on this subject?

What a meathead.