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First Time, Advice on a Cycle Plan

Stats-37 male. 6 foot. 200 lbs. BF-12 %. Lifting and Athletics over 20 years.
Goals-I’m looking to improve performance. I do some Olympic Lifting and Sprinting so I’m not looking for bulk. Dropping some fat and adding some muscle would be nice but it isn’t my main focus. I’m primarily after strength and speed. I’ve chosen a very basic cycle to start out with and would appreciate any advice.

Cycle-60 days-Test P (100mg) + Masteron (50mg) combined in syringe and administered EOD.
PCT-On the third day after my last shot Nolvadex + Aromasin. Nolva @ 40/20/20 & Aromasin @ 25/25/25.

I forgot to mention. I’m considering getting some HCG. If I do I’d most likely run it at 500 IU split into 2 doses for the last 4 weeks of the cycle, but since it’s a pretty conservative cycle I might not bother. It seems to me the more things you add the more that can go wrong. I’d be especially curious as to people’s opinions on this subject.

HCG should be used for a cycle if you care at all about keeping your balls…run it the entire duration of the cycle.

Aromasin should be used ON cycle, not for PCT.

I was under the impression that Masteron worked as a mild AI and I figured since the dose of test I’m using is pretty low I would only use the Aromasin on cycle if I noticed symptoms of gyno. Is that a bad idea? As far as the HCG, I hear you. Is 2x’s a week at 250iu each time sufficient and can I expect any side effects from it? As far as the PCT goes I had read Clomid is a pretty shitty drug all around and I wanted to avoid it and thought I could use an AI along with the Nolva to get my Test up and running. Should I just run the Nolva alone or is Clomid a necessity?

Mast is a weak AI, supposedly, but I wouldn’t bet my titties on it. Run the AI.

2x @ 250 iu is fine for HCG. 3x would probably be better, as it has been shown to be a full replacement dose, but you have a lot of leeway there.

Sides of HCG could be elevated estrogen that is not well addressed with AI.

Thanks for the advice. I haven’t been able to find any info on how long it takes HCG to clear the system. Do you have any idea? I’m just asking because I figure it will affect when to begin PCT.

stop the hCG 4 days before PCT

OK Thanks.