First Time Adding Anavar

New user , apologies if I’m asking something I could have found on my own. I am 47, 5’7 and 210 pounds. My current body fat is 18%. I have been on TRT for 2 years. My dosage is 200 mg injected weekly along with 100mcg gonadorelin twice weekly. This keeps my T levels in the mid 400’s. I recently purchased Anavar . The pills are 50mg.

I’m wondering what would be a recommended dosage of the Anavar if my intentions are to get leaner. Also is there anything else I should be taking with it to avoid any issues or after it. I purchased it from someone I trust who is reputable however the pills are odd to me. They are light purple with no markings , has anyone seen this type before? Thank you in advance for any help.

Focus on your diet first before adding more drugs, especially one’s that aren’t prescribed by your doctor.

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If you want to be leaner then the answer is diet. No way around that. Anavar is an excellent drug, but it does not help overcome the first law of thermodynamics. Steroids don’t burn fat. Eat less, move more, you’ll get leaner. Use the anavar when you hit 14% and add some quality muscle. It’s a way better use of your time and money.

That seems like really low T levels for that amount of TRT. But I’m not on trt so I may be mistaken.

You’re getting ripped off by your TRT doc. Gonadorelin is a pulsatile GnRH agonist, which means it needs to used every few HOURS for it to work. If you can’t get hCG, find a new doc who can get it for you (or order it black market).


Oxandrolone will help you maintain more muscle mass in a calorie deficit, so although it is not a leaning agent itself, it will help you try to maintain a positive protein balance while dieting. I’m in agreement with other posters that you need to diet to get leaner, but oxandrolone will help you maintain some muscle mass while doing it. 50mg split morning and evening is relatively standard. I’ve used it on the tail end of two blasts, I prefer it over other compounds.

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He’s on 200mg of testosterone, he needs nothing else to maintain muscle mass while cutting. Unless he goes full suicide cut or PSMF he doesn’t need anything more. Steroids are for building muscle. People should use them as such. Not until you get to the upper upper limit of what your body can manage do you truly need anything more than consistently high testosterone levels.

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I am a bit skeptical on this. This is beastly if accurate (significantly more lean mass per height than Steve Reeves). Many people are terrible at estimating BF %.

When someone estimates they’re at 18% I always assume that means 22%. When someone says 20% I assume 24%. It’s not until you get to the 15% range that people tend to get more accurate with their eyeball measurements.

Even at 22%, OP would be extremely well built with a bit of fluff. Going by FFMI, OP would be at almost a 26 FFMI at 22%. This is the level of mass that the better competitors in BBing had in the pre steroid era.

Not saying it isn’t possible, just that I am skeptical. Unless OP is a serious gym rat, I suspect closer to 28% (which would still give him stats of a fairly serious gym rat).

IIRC, @blshaw is around 5’7", and has achieved 205ish lbs at 15% body fat. You can see by his avatar that it isn’t something many people achieve.

Not totally disagreeing with that. If his measurements are accurate he seems to have more than a solid base. There are plenty of people using more than 200mg test while cutting. They may not need more. I can tell you a cut is much easier with different AAS, just like bulking is. If he was asking this question in TRT I’d agree more, he’s likely to use minimally what he’s discussing regardless.

What do your labs look like? Even a low SHBG guy would normally have higher TT than 400s from 200mg/wk. You must be an under-responder.

It’s all a formula. We know that results will be better with more drugs. So then why not use them all the time? Well, because that’s damaging to your body. So instead we attempt to maximize the return while minimizing the risk. Using anavar is in it of itself not terribly risky. But let’s say you run it eight weeks and achieve your goal during a cut. Now you intend to bulk. So you up the test and perhaps add in nandrolone. You run a nice 20 week bulk and it’s excellent. Now after a month you decide to cut again. Anavar worked nicely the last time, so you run it again. All of the sudden in a 40 week timeframe you’ve been on steroids for 36 of those weeks. Call it steroid creep. If the camel once gets his nose in the tent the body will soon follow.

My first question is are you on a clean diet? That is, no junk calories. I include most all processed foods.
I really don’t like % body fat as absolute values. I use them more so, as relative values. As in, did my % body fat drop, preferably while maintaining strength?

Then add the Anavar and get bigger and stronger. If your diet is still clean you should get leaner too. More muscle makes the same amount of fat is a lower % of body fat composition.

200 mgs a week and 400 total t is terrible… run another set of bloods and hopefully it changes or your gear is trash

If it’s his trough reading then it’s not so bad. If that’s mid week then…yikes.