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First Time AAS User (Bulking Cycle Advice)

Hi T-Nation,

Long time lurker, just registered. I’ve been thinking about doing a cycle for the past 7 years. I’ve finally reached a point when I think I’m physically and mentally mature enough to do it. That being said I want to prioritize health and think long term about what I’m doing. That’s why I decided to do a very basic starter cycle with only one compound (test) so that I can get a feel of how my body reacts to AAS. Also let’s face it - if I do one cycle, knowing myself, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last and that’s why I’m gonna start low so that I have room to grow. Anyway, here’s the protocol that I have:

Note 1: I have pubertal gyno which I guess makes me prone to gyno (high estrogen?)

Note 2: This is NOT gonna be a dirty bulk. I will be starting at relatively low bodyfat percentage and I will monitor my calories so that I don’t get unnecessarily fat.

Note 3: I have access to the compounds listed in my cycle as well as: clomid & masteron. Nothing else.

Question 1: I doubt I’ll have a problem with aromatization but would 0.5mg adex be enough to keep estrogen low and prevent bloating/gyno? Gyno if obviously a huge concern for me cuz I’ve lived through it and I don’t want to have to deal with it again. Also, I don’t wanna be bloated all summer.

Question 2: I will have nolva on hand in case of gyno symptoms. How should I approach the situation in case I feel anything (what’s supposed to happen?), how much should I take (and for how long) do kill it completely?

Question 3: Would tapering down adex (2 weeks @ 0.25mg EOD) as I’m going into PCT prevent estrogen rebound?

Question 4: How often should I have lab work done? I want to be sure that if anything needs adjusting (like high cholesterol) I will get it under control ASAP. Also what kind of test should I have done?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks for taking the time to read it,

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Way too much AI and way too much HCG. If feel prone to high E2 symptoms and want to start an AI keep it lower as in .25mg EOD to start of Arimadex. HCG should be 1000iu max per week.

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Second. That much hCg is asking for trouble. You can cut it to 250 twice a week and still get the benefits.

As for the gyno there are two schools of thought. One is to manage it as it comes. If you start getting it then the Nolva may not be enough to wipe it out. Ralox is said to be better for that specific problem. (This is anecdotal based on an aggregation of data; I do not have first hand experience with gyno)

The second approach is to not get gyno in the first place. You should probably be able to achieve that by taking a low dose of Nolva right from the start. Maybe 10mg eod or e3d. That’s in addition to managing your e2 with the proper AI dose. Now what AI dose is right for you is another story. Nobody can tell you because it’s so individual. You have to feel your way around unless you have blood work.

I think it’s great that you waited until you felt like you were ready, mentally and physically. That’s a good sign already.

@blshaw @iron_yuppie Thanks for replying.

About the HCG - I intended to write 3 x 500iu (per week) but I understand even that is more than I need. I can do 2 x 250iu (per week). I’m just not sure how to properly store it once it’s mixed but I guess a quick google search would answer my question.

I could throw in 10mg nolva EOD but wouldn’t that negate the effects of arimidex? I don’t have access to aromasin and I’m stuck with adex only. Would I need to increase the adex dose if I incorporate nolva during cycle or would 10mg of nolva & 0.5mg adex EOD be enough?

Ralox is not available in my country. How much nolva would I need in case I experience gyno symptoms?

Once hCg is mixed you’ll need to store it in the refrigerator.

You store HCG in the fridge after mixing. Mix with bac water and swirl, don’t shake until dissolved. Nolva works by blocking the receptors in the breast tissue to prevent gyno. Would not negate effects of the AI. I am gyno prone as well, but I only run Nolva now and now AI to prevent gyno as that is my only high E2 symptom. You may want to try that first before adding any AI. AI will also negatively affect your lipids.