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First Time 5/3/1 Log

Coming back off an elbow injury in April. Going to start a 5/3/1 log sticking straight with the triumvirate program. I had a 375 bench and just trying to work my way back after burning out and eventually hurting myself.

19 turn 20 in 10 days
200 pounds

Video of previous 375

Pre 5/3/1 maxes
Squat 225x10 - 305
Bench 225x8 - 280
Dead 315x5 - 355
Military 135x5

Todays Workout

1x5 170
1x5 195
1x5+ 220 for 8

Dumbell Bench with 50’s

Dumbell row with 40’s

Volume was a little high compared to westside but I liked it

Very sore as soon as I woke up to go to breakfast.


1x5 180
1x5 210
1x5 235

Leg Press
5x15 225

Leg Curl
5x10 55

Very exhausting my legs were hurting after the 2nd set of squats considering second time in a squat rack in four months.

Still hurting but needed to keep going to stay on schedule and get back to the regular schedule begging on Sunday.

Military Press

1x5 95
1x5 105
1x5+ 120 for 10


Barbell Rows
5x10 135

My strength just is to low right now to be able to do 50 pull ups that will have to wait for a few waves so I settled with barbell rows.

Overall good workout proud of what I was able to accomplish on the military a lot of stability and strength is starting to come back in my shoulders. Hopefully will be back to my old numbers within the next couple of weeks.