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First Three Workouts



wg bb bench 7x135, 5x145, 2x155 + 1 forced, 10x115
alternated sets 1 minish breaks in between
bb rows 7x135, 5x145, 3x155, 10x115

db flat bench 8x50s, 8x50s, 7x50s
db rows 10x60s, 8x70s, 8x70s
*all other benches were taken so had to do flat

db hammer curls 12x25s, 6x30s, 8x25s

shoulder remedial work: face pulls 10x3, 8x5
cubans 45x8, x6x, x5

ab machine 25xsetting 6, 25x6


front squat 15xbar, 8x95, 5x1pps, 5x1pps+5s, 3+1 forced x1pps+7.5s, 2x1pps+10s, 8x115 (speed)

db bulgarian split squats 8x35s (these always kill me)

stand calf machine 10x1pps, 8x1pps+25s, 5x2pps, 6,6,4,4

db serratus crunch 10x30s, 10x30s (1 second pause each time)

cable crunches 15x100, 10x120
*machine was slightly broken, not fun

smith calf raise 15x1pps, 10x1pps drop 8xbw each leg individually


deadlift warmupxbar,25s,50s, 5x75s, 3x3x245
*freakin hard...I need to buy some chalk asap

db standing press 5x7x30s
1 min breaks alternating with
wg chin 5xbw, 5x, 5x, 4x, 4x

cg pulldowns 12x70, 10x
alternate with
db laterals 10x17.5s, 10x17.5s (tried to keep em more out front)

low pulley rotator 10x7.5, 10x5, 10x5
medium cable reverse rotator lots of reps x2.5
*just worked on gettin motion down for this, elbow fixed felt good

decline cgbp 8x135, 5x155, 4x165, 2x185, 6x135

Also workin around a sketchy left shoulder buts its decent so far. This was my first week back after having the flu and food poisoning.


What are you asking?


Don’t worry about it its my bad. I thought I was putting these posts on my workout thread and accidentally made a new thread. Its on the log now.