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First Three-Lift Meet

Hi there. I had my first three lift meet on saturday and want to share my experience with you guys.

It was a raw meet under IPF rules.
I competed in a bench press competition 2 moths ago which was my first meet, but this was my first three lift meet.

It was fun but I was extremely tired afterwards.

I had to get up at 5 'o clock in the morining and when we arrived at the hall where it took place I felt like I could not squat an empty bar.

But with an assload of caffeine I was ready.

Weighed in at 144lbs.
Unfortunatelly there were only 2 weight classes -198lbs and open class. So I was the lightest lifter except for one or two female lifters.

I was extremeyl nervous, so my first squat was with horrible form. I think I didn’t squat so bad since I first did a squat one year ago.
Anyways I got it white lighted.
1st Atttempt 242lbs
2nd attempt 264 failed because i din’t wait for the “Rack”-command
3rd attempt 264lbs did it pretty easyliy
heres the video: http://rapidshare.de/files/9041256/meddl_squat_120kg_holgi_.avi.html

Then Benchpress
1st 176lbs smoked
2nd 187lbs no problem although I missed the groove and placed the bar to high
3rd 198lbs no problem, 3white lights altough I had the Impresssion i hit the chest too low for IPF rules. But i don’t care.
heres the video of two lifts: http://rapidshare.de/files/9041068/meddl_bench_90kg_holgi_.avi.html

At this I just wanted to be in my bed and sleep all day

Following deadlift:

1st attempt: 275lbs felt pretty heavy, had absolutely no tension and I think my form was pretty sloppy also.
2nd attempt: 297lbs moderately heavy, although on the video it looked pretty easy. The first time I saw stars floating through my field ov view, though :D.

3rd attempt: 308lbs
did it, 3 white lights, I am just plain happy I did that, because I wanted to drop the bar a few centimeters off the ground, but i forced myself to keep on pulling and finally had success.
Video: http://rapidshare.de/files/9041167/meddl_deadlift_140kg_holgi_.avi.html

So I am quite satisfied with the outcome

I did a total of 770lbs raw @ 144lbs after only one year of training since I first touched a weight.

Then i met some cool people and I am no longer just an Internet Powerlifter, but a real one.
And I also had the opportunity to meet some of germany’S top Powerlifters including
WPO Lifter Holger Kutroff, who did an amazing total of 2024lbs completely raw, former WPO lifter and Arnold classics Champion Markus Schick, as well as WPC world champion Christian Poppe, who coached me and some more first time lifters during the meet.

And maybe you could comment on the videos.
Technique, errors and stuff.

Me + Markus Schick

Holger Kutroff during his 814lbs attempt, that failed unfortunatelly.

hey, excellent stuff. well done on getting those lifts…what are looking to do in the future? more comps?

I think I’ll compete in february again.

Until then I’ll try to increase my basic strength and I’ll buy a own shirt and suit.

Good stuff!

Nice to see another light-weight like myself with an interest in powerlifting. :slight_smile:


Nice job brother!

yeah, that post BP interest loss is very common!


[quote]jackreape wrote:

Nice job brother!

yeah, that post BP interest loss is very common!


hehe no, I didn’t loose interest, because Deadlift is my favourite Lift, but I was so extremely tired.