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First Therapy - Keeping It Simple for Further Athletic Performance

Hello everyone. I’m new here. Hows going?
I’ve been lifting weights for 4 years now, being vegetarian. I have no nutrition problems and Ive been doing fine with my gains (13kg keeping 10-12% BF through those years). I’m currently studying biotechnology engineering and have some average knowledge about biochemestry/human physiology.

I currently have 160 lbs (72-73kg) with 11-13% bodyfat. And I’m 5,9 ft tall (180cm).
And after some studying and doing some research, I have found a friend (who use medical follow-up/supervision) who is doing the Low Dose Cycle therapy without PCT. From what I understand (roughly) it goes like this:
1st - 8 weeks - What he calls "blast"
400mg/ml Test Enanthate (divided 3 days a week - so would be “120-150mg/ml each 3 days”)
20mg Dianabol daily.

2nd - 4 to 6 weeks - What he calls "cruise"
Keeping the same thing and lowering it down gradually throughout the weeks, untill you can get “natty” if you want again, or go in another cycle.

First of all, what called my attention is the 3 days thing. Isnt enanthate half-life longer? So, you keep giving your body before it “goes away” completely?

Second, Im just willing to gain some weight - something between 5-6kg (10 lbs) and to strengthen my legs for athletic performance (sprints/balance) - I play soccer as a Forward Attack. I know PEDs/Albuterol/Equipoise can help there (soccer), but my goals are: more mass so I can take on defenders plus have better sprints. I dont mean to use that Low Therapy to actually reach those goals, but to have the mass I want to further achieve the performance I want.

Narrows down to the main question:
I plan to bulk natural for 6 months, lower down my BF then do that. Is that a good plan? Am I stupid? :smiley:
Is it a good hormone therapy/cycle for my goals?

Thanks a lot guys. Been reading the forums and it seems like a great library of information. Hope I can help in someway further on. Bye.

My understanding is that taking testosterone shots like you propose will eventually shut down your natural production of testosterone.

That means that you will end up with lower testosterone levels than you now naturally have. Eventually it will require you to be on TRT for life.

Thanks for your time mate.
Yeah that was exactly my thought. I assumed that my body wouldnt shut down totally with that kinda lower dosage though. But I think lowering down in the “cruise” thing plus a PCT after that stage, could maintain some of the natural production, probably reducing the time to get “natty” again.
What you think? Thanks againz

Maybe I’m missing something here but an 8 week cycle of test and dbol will definetely shut you down, and tapering the dosages won’t prevent that from happening

I dont you think you are. Its a logical point for me as well. But Ive never heard of such a thing though. It makes sense to lower the dosage, and then going PCT. So you wont shock yourself much but without PCT I cant see the science-logic behind it. Maybe someone here did that before?
So should I make a PCT after the tapering thing? Better? No point? Seems to me it would make sense to do that instead of jumping right on the post therapy.

Thanks again

edit: this a long post i found about this blast/cruise protocol http://forums.steroid.com/anabolic-steroids-questions-answers/402776-youll-want-read.html

Quite long but useful information from what ive read so far.

edit2: seems like this blast/cruise protocol is well known. does somebody have some knowledge/story about it?

There is no end of stupid things that you can find in BB steroid forums.

With any amount of T, your HPTA shuts down in 48 hours. You did not list your age. There is a risk of loosing fertility and ability to recover and make your own T.

Please see the tribal knowledge found here: About the T Replacement Category

This is the TRT forum, there is a BB steroid forum elsewhere.

Thanks for your time.

Im not a bodybuilder and im not into bro-science. Thanks for letting me know about bb. :slight_smile:
I’m 23 years old. I just want a small cycle so I can get a little more mass. I dont pretend to become a monster. So, as it shuts down, I should use PCT after lowering it down. And sorry if I didnt understand as english isnt my first language: but why am I in the wrong session!?

Yes you will shut down, yes you need pct, no tapering the dosages wont change anything. This the testosterone therapy section, you want to search the pharma section

Right guys, got it. Thanks again everyone :wink:
I’ll be checking it.

edit: thanks for moving.