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First Testosterone Cycle

Hello guys first time on this form here we go , I’m 22 years old I weigh 185lb I’m going to start my first cycle , I’m looking for advice on what I’m taking and also advise on supplements you guys have .

Week 1-3 400ml test
Week 3- 12 up dose to 500
Week 3 -12 hcg 1 x week injection
Week 3-12 arim what dose would you recommend also do you even recomend I take it ?
Week 12 - 13 nothing
Week 13 -15 Nolvadex I dose of 40/40/20/20
What do you guys recommend , I’ll post up a picture of my progress and current gains
Also will I be needing an aromitizing inhibitor ? I can get blood work whenever what do you recommend I keep my eye on ? ![image|281x499](upload://zNfnkZTSDBt3RHNqVQozcMDpt1a.jpeg

How long have you been lifting? No offence meant by this but it doesnt look like youve been lifting long enough to start thinking about getting on a cycle.
An AI is handy but I wouldn’t start taking it unless your bloods prove you need it.

I agree you probably could put a little more work in the gym especially being rather young still I would hold off a year or so and revisit this.

Now we know you probably won’t listen to that advice so as far as the cycle I would ditch the hcg it’s your first run the less drugs and factors to take in the better. Adex is fine for an AI only take it if absolutely needed and then start with 0.25 on injection day.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you have a bad physique. It looks better then a lot of the people I see starting gear unfortunately. I’m saying your young and could improve greatly without gear in a short amount of time allowing you to reap more benefits out of a first cycle in a year or so.

Edit your pictures to blur your face. You’re asking about illegal drugs on a public forum.


Thank you all for the advice so , hcg won’t it prevent my balls from shrinking ? And keep my testicles active ?and okay so AI isn’t always needed correct ? Only if my estrogen gets to high ?

Assuming I start the test and I never feel the bloating or sensitive nipples I should not use any AI ?

If you don’t have any need for it then don’t take it. Bloating and gyno aren’t the only issues to look out for, though. Be aware of all the signs of high e2 and monitor your body.

You’re using exogenous testosterone. You WILL shut down natural test production and you’ll need the AI regardless if you “feel” the effects.

Some people are over-responders to Anastrazole/Arimidex, but it’s a small percentage.

From the shit I’ve gathered on here, a lot of people choose to do 1mg of Arimidex per 100mg of Test. So 500mg would be 5mg of Arimidex.

The half-life of Adex is apparently 46.8 hours, so you could take it on shot days or 3x a week or whichever method is best to keep those levels going. You didn’t mention which ester you’re using with Test (Prop, Enan, Cyp, etc?)

Also, assuming you’re using Test E or Test C, you’re STILL going to need that AI on Weeks 12 and 13. You’ve still got gear running through your system.

Why are you waiting to bump up to 500mg? You’re taking a relatively beginner dose and 100mg of test is NOT going to make a difference unless it’s a supply issue. If it’s a supply issue, I would just frontload the cycle and shorten it overall.

I was going to start at 400 just to see how my body would feel the first 3 weeks and then bump it up to 500 , I’m not sure what test my doctor will end up giving me I find out on Friday . I’m just trying to gather up all the supplies and have everything on hand . I will definitely be monitoring my blood for the estrogen levels I’ve heard bad sides from the AI that’s why I’m trying to hopefully not use them but if it comes to it I want to have it on hand . My test is currently sitting at 535 natural do you guys have a rough idea what it should go to with 500 of test ?

I’ve been lifting for 4 years , been very consistent for the past 3 my current stats so to say are bench 315 squat 350 deadlift is 335 lb and I’m rowing 225 , I’m Norns sure of my body fat tbh some days I have Abbs some days I don’t lol I’m honestly still making gains natural I would say I’ve Brennan going up Atleast 5 lb on the main lifts everytime I do them except my bench has been stuck on that weight but the reps have increased . My diet is fairly clean I eat 2300 cal 200 grams of protein a day .

I appreciate all the help the more that contribute to this forum the better

Dude… just no.


that was my reaction too lmao.

Here are the most recent pics of me I will post a more updated picture tomorrow I’m hoping to shred the little bit of fat I have left and put on some lean mass image image

As far as training this is what my lifts are looking like
I do Upper one day lower the next followed by an arm day rest and repeat

Your bench is decent, however you squat and deadlift should be a decent bit higher than your bench. If your lifts are moving upwards 5lb every time then there’s no reason why you should start a cycle just yet as that rate of progression is still pretty wild.
You said your goal is to build muscle and lose fat. It isn’t possible to do both at the same time unless you’re a beginner who is recomping. You need to be eating in a caloric surplus to build muscle and judging by how you’re only consuming 2300kcal a day (your protein intake is fine btw) I’m going to assume you’re not in a caloric surplus because that amount of calories is VERY low.

My maintenance Ian 2100 so yea it’s not a surplus considering I burn a lot at the gym , I’m honesty scared of getting fat my body tends to put weight on fast and I can loose fast too but it puts on fat quick that’s why I want to do the roids . I figure with the extra test and hcg I can eat 2500 and still burn while putting on muscle I’m going to put up what my neutrition looks like . I’m fairly consistent with it btw by you know sometimes thoesmunchies kick in lol

in regards to the ai per 100 mg per test , not even close and no an ai is not needed automatically…… where do ppl find this info or do they just make it up !!! wtf

If I need an AI what dose of arimidex would you guys recomend ? Also which one would be your go to ?

Jesus Christ. You’re recommending he use a cycle WITHOUT an AI? As you said…dude, just no.
Your response “He does not need an AI automatically” is just irresponsible. This guy has done little research and you’re steering him down a bad path.