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First TestE/Anavar Cycle


Stats: 5'10, 195-200lbs, around 9-10% BF, been lifting nearly everyday for the past 6 years, I eat an extremely clean diet but I plan on cheating in order to hit calories as needed.

Weeks 1-10, Test E@500mg
Weeks 3-10, Avavar@60mg ED
Weeks 3-10, Anastrozole@.25 EOD

Starting week 12, Clomid@100mg for first few days then 50/50/50/50
Starting week 11, DAA@3G ED
Starting week 12, Recycle by Purus Labs

Will be taking taurine, hawthorne, and liver support throughout the whole cycle. My main question though...Is HCG completely necessary for a 10 week cycle like this?


This right here killed all your credibility, No one trains every fucking day for 6 years straight! The more advanced you get in training the more recovery time you need to recover!


Obviously I've taken days off and take extra time off when I really need it. I determine when it's best to take a week off if needed, and it's worked for me so far


Cycle looks good, Hcg isn't necessary but it does help!


HCG is not absolutely necessary per se but you sure wont regret it should you choose to use it. Its not altogether expensive if you have access to it.


I'm going to do without the HCG for this first cycle and see how it goes...I've got nearly everything else to aid me so I expect to be fine. Had my first pin this morning and it was flawless, no PIP or any other problems. Will start my Anavar in 2 weeks, looking forward to it


Why only run anastrozole once you begin anavar? The anarvar is not the reason you're using an ai.

Why not run 100/100/50/50 clomid to be safe? PCT is as important if not more important than the gear itself(basically im saying why skimp on the portion of the cycle that helps you keep what you gain. See how to standard pct works for you and you can experiment later on when you know what to expect.

May want to look into estrogen rebound. Thats why some people run clomid/aromasin and clomid/nolva as pct. Cant say 100% if it is present with anastrozole and I dont feel like researching it again haha.


a couple things...

no, HCG isn't required, but it can speed up your recovery slightly.... it matters more if you NEED to be recovered at a certain time.

why not use anavar on week 11?

there's no reason to use massive doses with clomid (in fact, nolvadex at 20mg/day outperforms it)