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First Test/Tren E Cycle. Suggested Test/Tren Ratio?

Hey all, I’m planning on starting a test/tren cycle and I am aware of what I’m getting into and have caber on hand. A bit of background, I’m 29, 6’1”, 206 @ 16% BF. Diet and training are solid, currently eating 2500 cal daily and training 6 days a week. I’ve been on TRT for about 9 months, currently on 140mg test E 2x week with .2 HCG and .25mg anastrazole 2x a week. I occasionally blast and cruise, pinning 400-500/week during blasts. I’ve also run Anavar during a few of them. I got some good quality Tren e and I was planning on pinning Tren @150mg 2x a week And Test E @ 250mg 2x a week. I also have sustanon and Test cyp on hand. the Cypionate and Enanthate are both pharmaceutical grade. So my question is do these dosages look ok? I’ve done my research and I am aware of the growing number of people suggesting a lower test to tren ratio hence why I’m here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have 3x 10ml tren e @200/ml 3x 10ml Test E @ 200/ml 2x sustanon @250/ml and 3x Tren E @ 200/ml