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First Test/Tren Cycle


I’m starting my first test/tren cycle here shortly and I just want more experienced review on my cycle. I’ve run 2 cycles before of just Test at 250/wk and 350/week for 10 weeks each. First time I didn’t take an AI right off the bat and started noticing a little hair loss, started Adex .25mg EOD and it stopped. Second time I ran .25 Adex EOD from the start and no sides. I’m 6’2" 225 at 12% bf.

My current cycle is structured as
Wk 1-10 Test Cyp 400/wk
Wk 1-6 Tren Ace 300/wk
Wk 1-12 adex 0.25 EOD
Caber .25 E3D (not sure if to run for the entire cycle or just while on Tren)

Nolva 40/40/20/20

I’ve seen multiple different strategies for caber. From taking it while on tren, taking it the whole cycle, and taking it all the way through PCT. What’re yalls thoughts on this?


Cycle looks good…

Few pointers:

  • Add HCG @ 250iu 3x per week during cycle.

  • Could continue Adex through PCT with a taper down toward the end.

  • PCT should be 20mg Nolvadex ED for 8 weeks rather than 40mg at the start and for only 4 weeks.

  • I would just run the Caber alongside the Tren, maybe for an extra few days/week becuase Tren A is in/out the system quickly… No harm if you run it for longer tnough.


Thanks man. Couple questions though. I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff saying your shouldn’t run adex and nolva together? They can have adverse reactions and make each other slightly less efficient. also, I thought nolva was best as a ramp down like 40/40/20/20. Could you just run 40 for two weeks and 20 for six?


You could start at 40mg nolva if you wanted to but there isn’t really any need.

There is a study showing that running arimidex alongside nolva will reduce serum levels of nolvadex. i cannot remember if this was done on humans or rats…

You could use aromasin if you wanted to avoid this, however the slight reduction to the amount in your system should not be enough to reduce it’s effectiveness by any noticeable amount.


Thanks bro, preciate ya


One more thing. Since this is a body recomp style cycle would you recommend a fat loss supp for cutting bf? Maybe Clen or just go with like animal cuts or something? Probably half way through to determine how I’m handling the tren first


Well if you are only 12% then i would decide exactly what you want to do.

Do you want to get down to say 8% for example? If so i would consider something like clen.

If you would rather recomp then i probably wouldn’t bother with a diuretic - I would just eat around maintenance and adjust as you go. This is what i am doing at the moment and its working well on Test E and Tren A.

Saving clen for use at the end as you suggested might also be a good way to go after you see how your body is responding.


Well when I say body recomp I’m more just referring to burning fat while still building muscle. Which I’ve heard the tren and test combo is good at.


why would you add hcg?


because balls.

are you asking why someone would add HCG to a cycle in general, or why he’s suggesting it here specifically? Granted, I think the same answer applies either way, it just seems like a weird question.

HCG is going to protect testicular health/production, aids in recovery post-cycle, and it works best when it’s run through the duration of the cycle.


yeah but hcg desensitizes your balls in the long run. if you ever wanted to have kids you’d be fucked.


Not true - as long you do not go over 500iu per injection, which would often be considered higher than needed, then it is generally accepted that there is no risk of desensitizing the testes to LH.

This is true in a TRT context - When using only for the duration of a cycle then any risk would be considerably reduced.


I was also thinking about running ECA on he off weeks between the Clen, but I’ve heard that ephedrine is really hard to come by these days. I was looking around and people were saying you can substitute ephedrine for dendrobium. Have you guys heard of it, because this is my first time hearing of it


Dude, whoever says ephedrine is banned or hard to get is fucking retarded. Literally walked into my local pharmacy, bought a couple boxes, and left.


depends on what country you are in


True. I’m in the southern US (aka hillbilly meth head central) so you’d think it’d be heavily regulated down here


I’m in the South too. What store? Or do you mean the stuff you can get that contains some of it?


A few different wal greens I’ve been to have had it. I got Primatene.


Gotcha. I’m thinking about trying it, but I will most likely wait until I’m about 40 pounds lighter and hopefully off BP meds by then. Can’t play with the heart.


I here ya man. I’ve actually responded really well to it. My HR and BP have both stayed at good levels, Im still able to sleep at night, and the hunger suppression has been really good. And this is after workin up to 37.5 ephedrine and 200 caffeine 3xday