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First Test Run Proposal.

I’m 24 and I weight 215~ about 17% bf
I have run DMZ solo, Epi/Super bridge with formastanzol.
My first run was great, I lost body fat I got stronger it was great. The only thing that sucked was the back pumps at the end were too much to do deads, even with 5g or more of taurine. I ate really clean, did cardio before my lifts and didnt drink for the 6 weeks or the 4 of PCT.

My second run which was also 6 weeks wasn’t as good I had decent size gains but mostly water. I was eating as much as I could and didn’t drink for the second run either. It was my winter bulk and I kept maybe 5 lbs from it but I didn’t like how I looked as much. I just felt for the amount of money I spent I might as well get some test.

So my concerns with my first run is that I don’t want my hairline to be destroyed and I am gyno prone maybe because I used to be a fat kid? I am going to start sometime in April I’m waiting until my diet is on point and my routine is perfect. I finished pct in Jan. So I ran a few peptides and now I am just taking a little break from lifting heavy. I guess I should pick up Nizoral to prevent back acne too hear that helps if you get oily.

My current lifts
Squat 405 x 1
Dead 465 x 1
Bench 285 x 3
Press not really sure what I would max at.

My goal for this cycle is to get lean and strength from the cycle. I plan to start as a said sometime next month but I am just slimming down a little before hand closer to 10% bf. I really would like to hear what you guys think of these cycles I am leaning towards the second one. Let me know what you think. Also, I think I am going to stop using pwo with creatine in it to help me have a more lean look.

Well here it is.

Cycle 1
W 1-4 Winny (oral) 50mg/D
W 1-10 Test Enth 200mg E3D
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)

Cycle 2
W 1-8 Test Prop 100mg EOD (Might run a blend)
W 1-8 Adex 0.25mg EOD
W 1-6 Var 20mg 3x/d

Clomiphene or Tamoxifen Citrate I am going to order both.
Formastanzol (maybe on cycle instead of Adex)
Erase(maybe on cycle?)
HCGenerate 6/day

Tell me what you think.

HCG if I run the 12 weeker?

Either would be fine, but I think you should just stick with the clomid of nolva for PCT. No reason to spend your money on erase, formastanzol, and definitely no reason to get the HCGenerate…

Just stick to the stuff proven to work, no reason to blow money on the other stuff.

I would switch the prop to 50mg ED, but its fine with 100mg EOD.

I’m a bigger fan of var than winny because of the effects on connective tissues.