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First Test Prop Cycle

Hey guys,

Im planning to start my first Cycle with Test Prop for 8 weeks. i have done some readings, please let know your feedback.

  • Test Prop @ 100mg / EOD 350mg/week
    Pin days : Sat, Mon and Wed

  • Adex @ 0.25mg / EOD

  • hCG @ 250 iu / every 3.5 days 500 iu/week

  • PCT starts 3 days after last pin.

  • Nolva 40/40/20/20

  • Clomid 100/50/50/50

so, Iâ??m wondering if i really need Adex and hCG at that dosage, if so then should i take them on the
same day i pin or different day. FYI, I have chosen Test Prop as it gets out of the system quick Iâ??m not sure how i would react to it. i donâ??t mind pinning eod tho.

and Hereâ??s my stats,
Age 29
Height 172 cm
weight 79 Kg
bf 23% (working on lowering bf)


I’ve tried 350mg/w, and while it does increase size and strength, it will leave you wanting more. Go straight to 150mg eod for 525mg/w. And yes, take the hcg and adex.

Thanks for your reply. so do I take Adex and hCG on the same day with test or different days.
have you got any sides when going up to 150mg EOD


Thanks for your reply! so do I take them on the same day with Test.
btw have you got any sides when you went up to 150mg/EOD


I take everything eod on the same day. Keep it simple.
I had no sides, slight increase in acne on chest and scalp, oddly.

Just saw your stats now. You really should slim down to relatively lean state before you attempt this. Unless too late.

Great! yeah im working on lowering my bf% thank you!