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First Test prop Cycle


I am about to try my first Test prop cycle, I have been reading up a lot on it and have had some suggestions how to go about it. I would not mind hearing from people who have done it and can give me some tips and what not.
I have been training solid for a year, but have been going to the gym for 3 years.
Im 6' 210lbs. built big and wide, little chubby but mostly muscle.
Wanna be a bit bigger and more toned.


Buck, how u bro?

Test prop is a great compound for obtaining lean muscle minus the bloat, however to see the full effects of it, it would be in your interest to drop some bodyfat first, so u can lay witness to its magic.

For the next month i'd recommend utilising either clen or Eca in 2 week cycles, then replacing it in the 2 weeks subsequent to that with a standard thermogenic. This all whilst inducing caloric deficiency. A great idea would be to include morning cardio on an empty stomach to increase the bodies affinity to burn calories and fat at a faster rate, as the metabolism is working at a vastly greater rate.

Now that you've stripped a fair amount of bodyfat away, i would look at starting the Test Prop. Are u planning to run the test prop by itself?if so, id recommend you use it in conjunction with an ancillary such as proviron. It's a fantastic synergestic stack. i would recommend you go with 100mg/1ml thats 1, 1ml shot EOD. The injections can tend to be uncomfortable so keep rotating cheeks and dont inject in the same spot,as scar tissue will still be healing. If your goal is specifically to drop bdy fat and increase lean muscle, id look to limiting carbs before bed, but keeping protein at around 2-3g per kg of bodyweight.

cheers bud, if u have any more q's hit me up


Noticed this thread is double posted,
Good advice from Jugger ^^^^

Check your other thread for more advice as well.