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First Test Enanthate Cycle


Alrighty.. A bit of background info. I am 21 years old. 210 lbs. I been lifting for almost four years now.

What I want to do:

So my first ever cycle I am running-
* Test enanthate 500mg a week for 10 weeks injecting mon and thurs

  • liquidex 0.25 each day for 12 weeks

  • Tamox for my serm. Go 40/40/20/20

Appreciate the advice and input. I will be starting this around November, I'll link the log thread in this post.


Been answered millions of times.
Look into frontloading, other then that all ok. Some may say you are on the younger side also.



Run the cycle for 8 weeks.

Start the adex in week 2. Or start it earlier but at .25mg eod


I'm trying to do the same cycle, so the frontload for 500mg a week is 1000mg for the first week split into 2 shots, sooo the cycle would be.

Week 1-1000mg, split into 2 shots of 500.
Week 2-8,500mg, split into the regular 2 shots of 250.


Perfect. What sort of cycle support are you running? Doing the whole hawthorne berry/milk thistle jazz?


The more research I do on frontloading the more I keep seeing a million differnt answers for how to frontload for a 500mg cycle, so I would not be a 100 percent on anything yet.

Would love to have one of the more experienced guys with frontloading maybe offer some advice, that would be greatly appreciated.


I has been said many times before (use search option), but here it is:

When you do 500mg Test E/week you should do twice a week injects (e.g. Monday and Thursday). When you front load you will take the following dosage with your first injection:

Monday: weekly dosage + dosage you would take on that first day, thus 500mg (weekly) + 250mg (normal) = 750mg on your first shot.

Thursday and following: 250mg

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much, the only thing I am worried about is doing 750mg in one shot? would it be just the same as doing 500mg split into two shots the first of the week (ex. Monday 500mg, Thursday 500mg) ?

Would that have the same frontload response?

Also I have researched this quite a bit on this site, but there seem to be a lot of answers for one questions and quite a few differnt equations to come up with the frontload. So before I do any injecting Iam just trying to be 100 percent sure, I imagine you know where im comming from.

Thank you very much in advnace and thanks for the help.


Why did you say 8 weeks instead of 12? Because its his first cycle? (Just trying to learn)


I've read this kind of front loading from a guy in this forum with a lot of reputation (kind remember his name, do a search on front load).


When you front load, the Test E will reach steady blood levels sooner than normal, thus you do not have to cycle that long.


Ok but I'm still on the fence here, its really ok to shoot 3ccs at one time on your first shot? thats the only thing im worried about.

Have you personally done this dahollow?


Sooo I've spent about 2 hours doing more research on this site for frontloading, now it seems that if you're doing the 750mg for your first shot, people suggest to split this into 2 shots? one of 500 and one of 250 (all in one day) on monday, then continue the 250mg Thursday and until the end of cycle.

Is this the correct way?


You are vastly overthinking this...


I agree, I have just never done the frontload before and I want to make sure I am doing it the correct way.

So is the 750 broke up into 2 shots on your first day, then continute you with the 250 through out?

Thanks again for the help.


It doesn't matter how you break it up. Test E has a long half-life (like 6 days), and you are doing what is called a depot injection, meaning that the oil will take a long time to be absorbed once it is injected. You could shot it all at once, or break it up into 10 injections and it won't matter one bit. All that matters is that you get roughly the right amount injected in roughly the right timeframe.


Partly that. And, its easier to recover when stopping a month earlier. Im not a fan of cycling unless the person plans to do short cycles. 12 weeks isnt THAT long, but if you arent willing to blast and cruise its just makes more sense to do an 8 week cycle.

Also, some people find it hard to focus on giving 100% to their diet and training for 3 months straight. I find no problem going absolutely hard core (as one should if theyre going to bother risking their health with these drugs) for 2 months. Everyones different in this regard though but many people I know justify a bullshit workout here and there by saying that they have X amount of weeks to make gains, so a few days of apathy wont matter. THat's dumb IMO.


Do not put 3ml in one spot. Ever. It's not worth it.

Obviously the smaller the injection volume the lower the risk and the more comfortable itll be. Id rather people didnt do 2ml injections but I understand that not everyone has the extra 5 minutes it takes to do another shot.

Please just do this.
Whatever amount your weekly total is. Inject that much on the first day. Then proceed to do all the rest of the shots as normal.

If youre doing 500mg/wk, Inject 500 on sunday morning. Then 250 on wedneday evening. Then 250 on sunday morning, etc. That give you 500mg per week, every 3.5 days.

Extremely simple.


Thanks you SO much BONEZ! That is all the information I was looking for you.

Thanks again, that is greatly appreciated.


i just did a 2.5cc injection in hip and have been pretty pleased- no soreness what so-ever! i would never do that much volume on a virgin muscle... hell 1cc is enough discomfort for a virgin muscle.