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First Test Ena Only Cycle. Advice?

Hey guys I wanna say I am so happy to be part of this T nation family here and be able to share idea’s and get advice from knowledgeable guys. I am 30 yrs old 170 cm 73 kg 22 bf i have been training 2 years and eating clean loosing 23 kg maybe more… Now i wanna get into my 1st cycle any advice any suggestions i wanna lose weight and gain some clean mass to look toned or lean if i can with right diet and training any advice will be much appricated.

You’ve still got plenty of progress to be made going off what you posted. 22% at that weight? You’re still carrying a lot of fat, continue with what you have been doing, or shift toward a muscle-building plan with solid training and diet. Two years is not that long of a training age, you’re not even out of the newbie gains phase yet.

Aside from that, start reading the stickies in the ‘about the pharma’ section (top of the forum page). Plenty of great info in there.

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Man thank u but i wanna cut and become toned lean not add tons of mass or become more fat and 73 kg 170 is normal if i start my cutting diet and training plus good meal prep plan and training hard and gear i can do it … But thank u anyway.

With 1year naturally you could be tone or whatever that fucking means. Don’t take gear unless you want to take it somewhere or you get prescribed it.

You’re not going to see alot of support for using AAS until you’ve pretty much reached your potential thru hardwork.

If you feel your gains are stalled, perhaps you need to have a hormone evaluation to see where you are. Can’t hurt, gives you information that you can use. Before testing, make sure to ready pretty much every sticky on the TRT forum.

Start here: About the T Replacement Category

A testosterone ester only cycle is totally stupid as your E2 may make you fat and bitchy, perhaps gyno.

You have displayed zero awareness of PCT and need to be aware of the risks to your fertility.

Please do some reading and be aware that most advice that is posted by guys here is stupid, dangerous or both. It seems impossible to stem the tide of ignorance.

Hey man thank u i looked into pct and i habe clomid and nolvadex to use after 2 weeks last injection and ols i have hcg in hand and arimidex to use eod .25 depending on my test results while on test ena . as it is my 1st cycle i was gonna go with only one compound to see how i react to it .

You really need to do some research, especially in the realm of training and nutrition. I said eating for muscle, not ‘bulking’ - huge difference. And 22% is normal? Chicks are 22% body fat. You are carrying 35 pounds of fat (16kg), what is normal about that? You have a warped sense of what is going on. Do a test cycle at 22% bf and you will gain some muscle but still be fat. There is a literal fuck ton of great info on this site; read a fraction of it and you will be light years ahead of where most of us were after lifting for 2 years. A year of solid dieting and proper training will do more for you in the long run than a premature cycle, even if everything went perfectly during that cycle.

Man thank u very much for your advice. I know what means eating for muscle and eating for bulking and i also made my research about pct and a lot of things more . i see your point where u come from about this topic. I know my bf is not normal 22 but still i can eat clean for muscle and cut bf while on gear … Then throw in winny … Toward summer… I dnt wanna bulk i wanna cut and become lean toned and until june i can make it with hard work clean eating and gear …