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First Test E Only Cycle


I'm 38. Started lifting seriously 2 years ago. Been lifting on and off in the past, but never took it seriously enough.
I am 6.2 200. Been stuck at the weight for more than a year (and therefore 1.5 year stable weight). I started at 175 and added 25lbs in the first 6 month.

Of course more food might look like the answer, but I couldn't really figure out how to add muscle without fat (since I am staying at around 15% which I think is too high)

Anyway, I decided to start a 1cc (200mg) every 7 days of TestE for 10 weeks (6days into it so far).

My question is this : How do I know if I need to use Anastrozole (Arimidex), since I know too much of it is not good.
1cc of T is a small amount, but I am wondering if i will get some Oestr convertion.

Comments appreciated..


enough to shut you down and not enough to soo noticeable results IMO But at 38 you may see some improvements, more along the lines of HRT positives though. so what are you planning for PCT and i dont think you will need any a'dex


Start the adex low (0.25mg/EOD) and adjust from there. I've found I need 0.5mg/ED to combat the bloat from Test E. I've not experienced any kind of libido crash at all.

In the end, adex dosage seems to be a very personal thing and based on a whole bunch of factors. Don't stress it and tweak as you go along.

Most people will tell you to wait until you get sides, I just err on the safe side and run it from the start (Also I ran dbol as a kickstart).

With regards to being a little higher in bodyfat and adding mass; I'm an endo and find I have to have cardio in the mix (currently doing 30 mins every day despite 'massing'). Fasted morning cardio helps me keep bodyfat down whilst keeping cals high and gaining mass. If it means anything, I do stationary bike @ 130BPM x 30 mins. Fast walking may be a better option but the gear gives me insane shin pumps!

Post up your diet and let people chime in.

EDIT -- As Game_over says, 200mg isn't much but will shut you down. 400-500mg a week would be ideal for a first cycle as many people will point out but again, I'd start with a look at the diet.


My trainer has been using for years and years, and he swears to me that the low dose approach is the best for the long run. The guy is 6'4 275# so I am tempted to think he is right. But it's true EVERYTHING I've red always says min 400mg per week...

Well noted for the cardio. And as a matter of fact I started (3weeks ago) 3-4 times a week for 30min of pretty intense stairs climber...I am not seeing results so far, even though I eat fairly clean. But I might be carb sensitive. I have to explore those whole carb issue.

Now back to my Anastrozole question. I have a vial (liquid) with a small glass tube and rubber pump (drops). It say 1mg/ml - 30ml vial. Is the whole "pipet" equivalent to 1mg then?
And you guys are saying I have to try it out and see how much i need. But how do I know it's not enough, or it's too much ? what are the signs to look for ?

thanks !

PS: tonight is my second 1cc inject !


Again my trainer says no PCT required at 200mg/week of test. But I don't really feel confident not doing anything. I wouldn't want to see the gain of 10 weeks vanish.
What do you recommend for such a low dosage of T?


It may be wise to not listen to much of what your trainer has to say about AAS usage.

If you are going to use a SERM for pct then go with the standard procedure.

200mg/wk is not a cycle of AAS. You are putting yourself on the upper end of TRT. Complete waste of time if you are looking for any sort of legit gains. That is assuming you have built a solid foundation and are indeed ready for a cycle.


Bonez I thought the standard does for TRT was 100mg/wk, that's what I was told...


how can you say it's TRT when I'll be averaging about 3 times normal test levels in the blood?


Call it what you want. Doesn't really matter much to me. I said upper end. Yes most people use less for TRT, fine I'll give you that. The slight exaggeration (if you want to call it that) was just to emphasize a point.

200mg/wk causes suppression and minimal sides. 500mg/wk causes suppression and minimal sides. One of those options will produce dramatically better results. It's up to you.


Gotcha. I would have tried 400 at least, but since it's the first one, I followed the advise of my trainer.

Anyway, so in that case (for 200mg / 10weeks of Test E) do you think a PCT is even required ? and if yes, what would you suggest.

Also do you think my Anastrozole (Arimidex) will be required? and how do I measure the quantity since I have it in liquid form (See above post)

thanks for you expertise in advance..


Yes pct is required! Use Nolva for 4 weeks, and start 2 weeks after your last injection.


But like Bonez said it's not much. I can tell you that I used 250mg/week to cruise between cycles, and I get regular blood work done. My test levels were not much higher than the high end of normal (roughly 1200 ng/dl).

Good Luck


The Arimidex will most likely be 1mg/ml. Double check to see what concentration yours is at.

Get an oral syringe from the drug store, and measure it out:

.25 ml = .25 mg
0.5 ml = 0.5 mg


yes it is 1mg/ml
I see.. the oral syringe to measure the volume. NICE ! thx
Then you're drinking that thing right ?
But you're saying Arimidex is required even for 200mg/week of Test E ?


Yes, you are taking it orally. Yes, it will taste horrible.

I have no clue if you'll need it or not. Best bet is to have it on hand, and see for yourself.


no you're taking it rectally with an ORAL syringe... and in my opinion you wont even need it




thanks guys.
I will wait for the Arimidex then.

what about PCT. Required for 200mg of test E?

If yes, clomid is probably the best way to go, but probably not much due to low test ?


id go with nolva unless you wanna get all sappy and mushy.


so even at 200mg of test, you think Nolva is required ?


for PCT...?