First Test E Only Cycle. Need Help Desperately

Hello evry body… Nd thank u for this beautiful website which gives so good knowledge.
After reading all the forums and all researches for about 9 monthsI jumped in a test e only cycle @350 mg for first 5 weeks then 500 mg for the next 5 weeks a total of 10 weeks. Unfortunately I completed my 6 weeks today and I have been eating and training right. I m lifting for about 5 yrs. I actually haven’t seen much changes in my body. I look little fuller but 6 weeks and no strength gains weight only up by 5 lbs. I think my stuff is bunk it is a ugl.
I have some pharma grade stuff Nd I want to jump on it and extend it to 12 or 14 weeks. testoviron depot is the pharma grade I have. Plz help me. I need it soon.

What is your question?


Can I or should I extend my cycle adding a pharma grade test replacing the ugl one I was using. Basically it’s my first cycle and I don’t want to come out of it empty handed.

Plz help anybody. Plz help

Could be that u have bunk shit or your dosage is too low. I ran a 500mg/day cycle of test e for 15 weeks and I saw real good results. Idk if I answered your question or not. But unfortunately if u have bunk shit u may be SOL

So I have some pharma grade stuff and can I extend any cycle from 10 wks to fifteen weeks… Will it be helpful.
After investing so much time and money and jf I come out of it empty handed I will be very dissapointed. Thank u for ur help. @ ragnar82

Don’t wanna give you bad advice here. But I mean you can see what happens and then go from there

Also, from everything that I’ve read, if you’re on test e it will be at least 4 weeks before it really starts to kick in

Exactly that’s the problem. I also heard that test e kicks in @ 4-5 weeks but I m at the end of 6 week and haven’t seen much. Minor improvements in lift and only about 5lbs gain in weight.
Basically I want to add some pharma grade stuff and extend my cycle to 14 or 15 weeks. I dont want to come out of it without anything.
I wish any experienced members will advice on it.

Wish I could help more. Good luck brother

I bet your diet sucks. If your diet sucks, gear won’t do anything for you.

I also have a feeling you started steroids too early. What are your best lifts? And PLEASE be honest.

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I m 24 and been lifting for 5 yrs now…
Diet is protein 300gm
Carb 350
Fat 100
Wt. 198 lbs
15 prcnt body fat
Bench 300
Squat 250
Deads 350
Yes I started too early…
Hope someone helps

the real problem here is to find out what u have been injecting for you not to feel anything, hell i have felt test 3 weeks in with increased stamina over heavy weight… week 4+ is good strength gains .

Great point. Is there any possible way you can get your stuff tested to see if it is in fact real? My brother in law has a kit to test if shit is real or not.

Can I extend my cycle to 14 weeks after adding some pharma grade test e. Thank u for all ur help

I’d come off. Recover and then hit it up again. You could continue just as well, but coming off and setting yourself up for the next one will optimize it.

What are your stats? In general: get real tight on your diet and training while off- prime yourself to optimize your next cycle: add in cardio, and drop carbs weekly before starting. Get a good 500+ calories below maintenance while being consistent and clean, and then when you are ready to cycle again you will grow like a weed.

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Thank u for ur advice. I m thinking to go with the cycle Nd see how it ends and later will do what u said. Thank u very much all.


no worries my friend. keep at it. jump on the next gear and go. you can run test for much longer than that specially at the low doses you are on. I’m no pro BB but im 40 years old and have been experimenting with myself on and off since my teens. I can tell you with certainty that many of the fears people talk about here and on other forums like this are gym stories made up from broscience passed on from generation to generation with no evidence or research to back it up. I have done year round cycles with absolutely no sides. I am not telling you to the same, im only sharing my experience. if i post what im on now people’s jaw would drop as they would expect it would kill a horse “based on broscience of course”… do it up and enjoy your cycle… keep doing what you are doing… educate yourself… you will learn something new on each cycle and achieve greater gains. get to know your body and how it responds to different compounds. eventually you’ll find the perfect stack for you. we are all chemically similar but not the same. find what works for you. good luck bud.

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i agree, diet is key to success in this business. however; if you dont mind me asking, what does his best lift have to do with his cycle?

Thank u @jrose. I m going to carry with the cycle and even add some more week.
Flip thought I m new to gym so he asked me about my best lifts. I was actually honest but he didn’t showed up Again