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First Test-E/Dbol/HCH/AI Cycle

Hey guys im doing my first cycle and this is how it looks, I’d appreciate any critique or tips/recomendations!

Height: 6’2
Weight: 198 lb

12 Week cycle:

25Mg Dbol Everyday week 1-6

200mg Test-E 2x a week, so that is 400mg total a week (200 on tuesday and 200 on saturday)

Arimidex 0,2mgs EOD. Week 1-14 (from day 2, until PCT starts)

250iu HCG 2x a week, week 1-12 (500iu) total

4 week PCT: (starts 14 days after last injection of test-e)

Nolvadex: 40/20/20/20

Clomid: 75/50/50/50

I apprecaite all tips or critique to my cycle/PCT, thank you so much! <3

Drop the dbol. keep it simple and go with 500mg/week.

Why is everyone so keen on both serms in the pCT? It makes me think no one has even read the threads…also…is every single person on here shredded and massive? I see juice heads all over at my gyms and they’re all for the most part in the mid teen bodyfats at these weights everyone gives…everyone on here seems to be 8-12% bodyfat :thinking:

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besides the serms everything else seems fine. people on here normally recommend hcg at that dose three times a week and as far as waiting 14 days after last injection I recently read that it isn’t the best method and waiting 21 days might yield more efficiency

haha, yeah, I’ve noticed that too.

All these nattys walking around at 200lbs and 10%…


Yeah I noticed that too but at 6’2" he’s still a bit of a skinny fuck at 198. I’m 5’9" and 215 and still think I’m a bit small by bodybuilding standards. Then again, I know I’m nowhere near 10% bf lol.