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First Test E / D-Bol Cycle


This will be my first cycle. As of right now im 195 lbs at 5'8. This is what i was thinking of doing as far as a D bol/Test E cycle

1-4 25mg dbol ed
1-10 500mg test-e 250mg monday 250mg thursday

Now my question is what do do when it comes to the PCT/Estrogen Blocker because i've heard a lot of different things. Should i run something during the cycle as well as after or only after and at what dosage


You shouldnt have to run anything while your on but you never know, depends on how susceptible to estrogen you are. you could keep some nolva on hand just in case. For PCT a lot of guys here do the test taper but I stick with normal pct maybe some clomid and nolva, whatever works for you really.


Yea i was leaning towards nolvadex just because most people i know that have sauced it have used nolvadex


You are using a low enough dose that an AI during cycle should not be needed. It is good practice to have nolv on hand just in case of a flare up. For PCT I prefer the test taper, but four weeks of nolv tapering off should work fine. 40/40/20/20.