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First Test E Cycle

I’m 28 male have been working out regularly for 6 years started at 6ft 280 lbs pretty much all fat. Currently at 200lbs 6ft, muscular but still a bit of subcutaneous abdominal fat/extra skin. I lift 6 days a week 45 mins intense with splits for optimal recovery and cardio 2x week. I am an easy gainer in every sense as in fat and muscle so I keep close attention on my diet. Which consist of roughly 3200 cal/day with around a 60/20/20 protein, carb, fat breakdown the carb and fat my fluctuate sometimes. I’m going to be running a test e 300mg 2x week 12 week cycle with arimidex starting .25 mg EOD possibly bumping to . 5 EOD if necessary and adding HCG for pct. Is there any advice someone could give me to avoid gaining fat on cycle or possibly even loosing fat and gain lean muscle. And is there any advice for on cycle OTC supplements that people would recommend. My current supplement stack is 2g Alcar 200mg rala w/meal 4g creatine hcl bcaa’s and whey along with vitamin D and Zma. I was planning on dropping the alcar and rala during cycle tho any suggestions?

That’s probably too much arimidex. You should start out much lower and see how you respond to the test before taking such a big dose. Chances are you simply won’t need that much and it’s very easy to crash your e2.

You’ll gain some fat on a bulking cycle. It’s inevitable. But the good news is that you went from being 280 to 200, which means you’re able to diet properly. That’s a huge, huge deal. You did the hardest thing that you’ll probably ever have to do already. So keep your diet clean while you’re on cycle and when you’re done just know that you’ll have some fat to trim off. You’ll do great. You lost a lot more weight before, so having to cut a little bit isn’t going to be that tough of a thing for you to do. Trust yourself.

Wait, your using HCG only as your PCT protocol?

Thank you iron. The more I have read I’m going to start. .25 EOD arimidex it seems like you have a fair amount of knowledge on this subject any idea if I’m burning around 3200 cal a day or a lil more how many cal should I take in? And to tb40 I was gonna use hcg and arimidex…i have read and been told that nolva and clomid isn’t neccary if I use arimidex and hcg if I’m wrong plz correct me and inform me on reasons

I’m also gonna continue my otc Supa of daa alcar rala vit d and a test booster w creatine hcl

I meant the more I have researched I’m thinking of starting. .125 mg EOD… Do you think that might still be to much? IV read some people won’t even start an AI unless necessary IV also read people say you should run an AI no matter what?

You need a SERM for pct. It’s nonnegotiable. Do not take arimidex during pct. You will crash your e2 and it will be unpleasant. Nolva or Clomid, either one. I always lean towards Nolva because of the lower side effect profile, but plenty of guys have used Clomid and have had great results. Read up on each option and see what’s been said.

OK so how does this sound for pct
1,000 iu hcg 3x week for 3 weeks
And 40/40/20/20 nolva?
And do you think it’s best to run low amounts of arimidex from begining to end of cycle or only run if signs of high estrogen appears?

That’s going to work well if you’re trying to show your girlfriend/boyfriend how sweet and sensitive you are. But the downside is that you will be functioning as a woman because your e2 will be ~7,000,000.

HCg aromatises. It does so intratesticularly. That means AI does nothing to mitigate it. You want to dial that dose waaaay down. Like 500 2x a week is enough to get you where you want to be.

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Lmao… Makes sense. Appreciate the feedback and help bro IL plan for 500