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First Test E Cycle

Hey guys I am planning my first test cycle and would like some feed back. As for as lifting history I started working out freshman year of high school for football and have continued ever since. The last two years I have started getting more serious about my diet and bulking up. I am 23 years old and currently weigh 190 lbs at 5’11. If I had to guess I would say my bf is 10-15,

Squat is 405
Deadlift 455
Bench 285
Bent over row 225x5

I have never ran a cycle before other than a sarm cycle. I was planing 12 weeks of Test E at 500mg. Two shots a week spaced out 3.5 days. Arimidex for AI every other day dosed at .25 mg. I have read that AI might not even be needed with just a simple test cycle but I will have it on hand and plan to take it unless I am directed other wise. I was also wondering about HCG and if it is a necessity to run with my cycle. I am not overly concerned with my balls looking small.

For PCT I plan to take clomid and Nolva once the test clears my system dosed 50/50/25/25 and 40/40/20/20. I will be doing bloods pre, mid, and post pct.

As for other supplements I will be taking bcaas, whey protein, creatine, taurine for back pumps, and MK-677 which is a growth hormone releaser.

Diet will consist of 4000 calories a day from whole grains, brown rice, beans, ground chicken, chicken breast, ground turkey, avocado, milk, eggs, peanut butter, oats and some other items. I will be counting my macros. My goal for this cycle is to conintue bulking up without too much fat and getting my bench to at least 315, deadlift to 500, and squat to 450.

Thanks for anyone taking the time to give me some input on my plan. I appreciate it and am open to
critiques. imageimage

You are not ready. Here’s why:

  1. You don’t know your bf, nor can you even make a guess that’s anywhere near accurate. The difference between 10% and 15% is enormous. It’s a little thing, sure, but it’s an indicator of your level of dedication to your training
  2. You’re too young
  3. You think using HCG is for keeping your balls from getting small, which means you have no idea wtf it actually does

Your lifts look good. Your diet is probably very solid. You have some components of what’s needed to be ready for a cycle. But you’re not ready. You’re also planning on using MK, which is not cheap, but you likely don’t need it at your age. For the $180 you’ll spend on a three month supply—and what little research we have says that it takes about that long for you have noticeable effects—you could have bought more food, more gear, or really anything else you needed.

After more research I see that HCG is used to help jumpstart HPTA pct and LH production which is obviously important. And yeah your right I probably don’t need the MK but I already have it so I figured why not. The BF thing has never been that important to me because I’ve never tried to cut or felt the need to get leaner. Looks likeI’ll probably just run a sarm cycle of S-23 and LGD 3033 and save the test for when I’m 25 then.

Thanks for your input.

I’d say if you’re going to run two SARMs then you’re kind of doing the same thing to your natural hormone system. If that’s the alternative then go ahead and run the real stuff. S-23 has basically zero clinical data behind it, which means you’re never quite sure what the long term effects are.

My first cycle of SARMs was LGD and S4. I realized there would be suppression but not complete shut down of LH and FSH like with gear. That means an easier recovery right. I figured S-23 would be similar but your right there is not much research on it. The SARMs were cool, I got some gains for sure and no estrogen related sides, maybe some lethargy towards the end that’s about it. It’s just hard to justify 200$ for a 2 month cycle of sarms when I know the gains of a test cycle would be night and day difference.

It really is hard to see why they’ve become popular. Testosterone is so unbelievably cheap to buy and its effectiveness and safety are well-documented. I think for what they cost the whole SARMs market is mostly junk. Some of them do work, like S4 and LGD, but it’s hard to find a good reason to use them instead of gear. An UGL is shady and nobody really knows what the quality is, sure, but a lot of these SARMs are made in the same way, i.e. no oversight, no GMP, no accountability. That grey market gets greyer every day.

1 is a silly reason. Dude, I don’t know what my bf % is, nor do I care. Maybe 5 %. maybe 10%. There’s so much misinfo out there about actual percentages that I’ve stopped caring about that long ago. When I’m asked what my bf% is, I say ‘low’. I’m lean enough to see veins in my lats, abs and quads lol. I don’t need to attach a number to that. Nobody does. OP is reasonably lean, bodyfat is no issue.

2 is also something I disagree with. If the dude wants to be successful in the iron game, and he’s been working hard at it for awhile, I see no problem with starting in early 20’s. It’s all an individual thing. I’ve seen guys in their late 20’s who I’ve told aren’t ready. I’ve told an 18 year old he’s ready. Very subjective.

  1. I think it’s important to know why we use everything we do, so that we can make adjustments as necessary and assess our dosing needs properly. But HcG is such an ancillary drug, and not truly necessary in the first place. It’s an add-on to a cycle, not one I’ve ever used. Mostly because I blast and cruise, and will not be having any more children.

RE: SARMS. SARMs suck. That’s really all I have to say about them.


I ran a S4 cycle and loved it, with a small deficit I lost decent weight and made progress gaining strength at the same time. I hated LGD though, the lethargy set in hard, and it did shut me down pretty good (though I was at a higher dose).

Wouldn’t really bother with SARMS again, other than S4 on a plan to cut IMO.

Cycle wise I did kind of an oddball first cycle, but I had been researching for close to 2 years before I gave it a go. It went great, but certainly there is always risk involved (but that is with anything in life, right?)

I’d say if you’re confident, go for it, just be realistic and don’t get greedy.

Thanks for the reply! I really enjoyed S4 too, the vascularity and hardness was really noticible. While on LGD and S4 I was bulking and put on about 10lb over 3 months with no noticeable fat gains and increased all my lifts. I’m actually getting my bloods tomorrow morning because I am on the last week of SARMs. I will keep you guys posted on the results. I have clomid and Nolvadex for PCT but I am still debating which one to run for 3 weeks. I plan to get bloods again a month after pct so I have a baseline for future test cycle and to make sure I have recovered from the sarms.