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First Test E Cycle

Hello i am about to hop on my first cycle and my gear already came in and ordered.

It looks like this
Weeks 1-10- 500mg a week test e (Mon 250 and Thu 250)
Weeks 3-10-HCG 250 iu EOD

Week 13- Clomid 50mg 2x a day
Week 14-16- Clomid 50mg a day

How does this cycle look? I was not able to get my hands on any AI either. Also i am only planning to do a cycle a year. Should i lower my test or does it look good?

Stats- 5-10 182 lbs 8% bf

It all looks fine… I don’t run Clomid, but you might want to think about running it 100/100/50/50 instead of 100/50/50/50… just a thought there.

Google “Research Chemicals” and find an AI. They ARE NOT hard to find (Aromasin, Arimidex). It’s worth it incase you’re gyno prone.

“Everyone says they can’t get their hands on an ai until they start growing tits”