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First Test-E Cycle with D-bol Stacked on


I am 25, I weigh 180 pounds and am 5'7
I have been working out since I was 20 and started out weighing 120 lbs
I have done a couple oral only cycles in the past (which were a mistake I know) and decided to finally step up and do a real cycle

The reason I am posting this is because I do not have anyone in person to ask about my cycle and regardless of looking up online the proper thing to do I still feel nervous about it.

The plans are
Week 1 - 30mg Dbol
Week 2 - 40mg Dbol
Week 3 - 50mg Dbol
Week 4 - 50mg Dbol
Week 5-15 - 500mg Test-E
Week 16-18 - Nolva 40mg
Week 18-20 - Nolva 20mg

Does this sound right regarding the cycle?
I have my diet and routine down, any help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance


Why are you running the dbol before the test e and not at the same time.


Also your pct needs to be 2 weeks after your last pin not straight away.


My bad, I will run it at the same time now, so as soon as I first inject I will start my d-bol for 4 weeks


Alright after I finish the Test I will wait 2 weeks and begin the pct


Sounds better!


run adex .5mg EOD


x2... in b4 walkway says don't do orals ;p


I am going to ask a stupid question... what does EOD mean?


Every other day.... Surprised you didn't get a metric shitload of smart ass answers to that question.

Wait, you have 480+ posts and don't know this?

Flaming could begin right here



I had 2000 posts before i knew, just hang the steroid section and you pick things up.

No flaming needed.


I wasn't flaming him. I just suspected that it could happen.


You know I expected to get it a ton... That's why I said "stupid question" I was stuck between "end of day" and "every other day" which is obviously quite a bit different... and 95% of my post have not been in this section...


At least you were prepared for it.