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First Test-E Cycle, What Percentage Over TDEE for Bulking?

Hi all,

I’m 37 and just started my first test-e cycle. I need some help on the nutrition though. My tdee is about 2500 (sit in desk all day when not lifting) and I have read by numerous people that while on cycle you want like 3500-4000 clean calories … but I’ve also read to only go 500 calories over tdee… which is it? Is it different if ur doing a cycle versus all natural?


3000 (500 over) would be 20% above your tdee. I would start there and see how your body reacts after a couple weeks. If you’re not making gains, bump it up; if you’re gaining fat, drop it a little.

I keeps my carbs and fats pretty much the same as when off cycle. My caloric Increase comes from protein. Which is usually about 150g higher than when off so (600 cal). If I’m really trying to pack on weight and not worried about fat then IL add an extra 50-100g carbs as well. Everyone’s different tho

Today when my 2 year old gives me some time, I’m going to create a macro plan. Going to keep carbs to only 2 hours before a workout and 6 hours after with an early morning workout.

Gonna shoot for 500 calories over tdee with majority carbs and protein. If I find myself craving pasta and lean ground beef spaghetti, I’ll listen to the craving and enjoy. I’ll watch the scale weekly and adjust accordingly.