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First Test E Cycle Support

I am looking to do my first cycle, guy at the gym suggestion I ordered test e and deca but after doing a lot of reading and studying I’m thinking just the test e would be best for a first cycle but he said I wouldn’t need any in cycle support or PCT, I’m thinking that I should for a first cycle just any thoughts or suggestions

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“guy at the gym suggestion”

Idiots! Never do deca alone, this can cause permanent damage to your hormones in some cases. I know one guy who did exactly this and he is now on TRT after one cycle.

You really need to do a lot of reading before you do any of this. You need to put a lot more effort into understanding theory and practice of PCT and until you understand how and why almost everything you read about PCT is wrong, you do not know what to do. Find the stickies.


@ksman is right. You should definitely do a lot more research first. Listening to a random people at the gym is not the way to go.

I definitely agree with both you guys that’s why I wanted to get on this forum because everything I am reading and listening to and it is a bunch is different I have hardly found any two books videos or people that say the same thing that’s why it has become so confusing between what is the right and wrong way to do it