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First Test E Cycle - Plan and Advice


Hey guys, new around here but been lurking for some time

After a great deal of research, I am planning to start my first cycle and would appreciate to hear your thoughts and critiques. The goal of the cycle is to gain some decent strength and size and look/feel better overall. This will probably be the only cycle I run in my life. Attempting to achieve 10-15 lbs of lean gains during the duration. Money is not an issue over my health so I would greatly appreciate the best route to go with. I will be ordering everything from Mission Labs.


Pre week 1:
Blood test
Sperm count test

Weeks 1-10:
Test 500mg / week (250mg Mon, 250mg Thurs)
HCG 500iu / week (250iu Mon, 250iu Thurs)
Aromasin 12.5mg every other day

Blood test week 5

Week 11:
Off all substances
Blood test

Week 12-13:
50mg Clomid every day
20mg Nolva every day

Week 14-15
25mg Clomid every day
10mg Nolva every day

Week 16
Blood test
Sperm count test


Carbs: 400g / day
Protein: 200g / day
Fats: 60g / day
Multivitamins every day
Fish Oil every day (hopefully help with the cholesterol hits)
5g of Creatine Monohydrate every day


Have had good results previously with a modified PHAT workout by Layne Norton (Mega Feature: Layne Norton Training Series + Full Power/Hypertrophy Routine (Updated 2011) | SimplyShredded.com). Planning to run it again as before with a slight reduction in volume.


Age: 19 - Now I know this is where I'll get a lot of hate, but I have researched the risk involved and am willing to accept them. I'm just aiming to minimize any permanent damage and would greatly appreciate your constructive criticism on my cycle to help me achieve this.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160-165 lbs
Bf: ~10%
Working out for 4 years.

Also, hair loss is a slight issue in the family, read about Nizoral shampoo - haven't seemed to find solid articles on it yet, would it be necessary with my current cycle? My hair currently is extremely thick.


You are pretty skinny at the moment. Too soon if you ask me, but that’s not the real problem. The real problem is you plan on doing one cycle. Cycling isn’t a one time thing. This is shows your lack of understanding of the drugs.

Edit: To be clear, on a tactical level you got it down. Strategically, not so much.


Do you understand the difference between “hate” and advice from people who have lived for many years more than you?


This a bad idea, and you’ll almost certainly regret it, and here’s why.

When you run a steroid cycle, the risk of long-term, or even permanent, shutdown exists. Even if you do everything right. If you’re going to use steroids, you HAVE to come to terms with the possibility that you may end up on TRT for the rest of your life.

You weigh 160 lbs. You’re fucking tiny, even if your bodyfat is low. You’ve only been lifting as an adult for 1 year, and you clearly haven’t been eating enough. You’ll be so much better served in the long run if you just add that 10-15 lbs over the course of a year or 2 naturally (this can easily be done), and not assume the associated risks of steroid use.

Could you come out of 1 cycle with the gains you’d like, and no issues to follow? Sure. It happens on occasion. But it tends to be the case that a) 1 cycle is almost never actually 1 cycle. I have yet to find someone who stuck to that plan. b) It’s highly likely that SOMETHING will go wrong. Perhaps the worst that happens is that you go from natural test levels of, say, 800ish prior to the cycle to 500ish after the cycle. That scenario is HIGHLY likely. It’s a near certainty that you won’t fully recover. Is that really what you want? A lifetime of lower testosterone because you wanted it to be really high for 10 weeks when you were 19?