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First Test E Cycle (Major Organization)


I've been training for 4 years now and am 22, I am around 185lbs with about 10.4% bodyfat at the moment. I was even featured as the bb.com Male Transformation of the month earlier this year. I used to be against the very thought of steroids but my progress has tapered off so hard that it has had me thinking for months now whether to try it.

I have adequately researched recommended doses and individual chemicals and substances and have put together what I believe to be a solid first time AAS cycle along with needed materials and cost. Any thoughts or recommendations are welcome and if anyone has had experience in preparing HCG if you would care to share your experience that would be great as well. I have attached the cycle as a viewable online PNG below.


looks good, for the most part.

i'd continue the HCG in week 13, and stop the A-dex the day before PCT (or wherever it falls in your rotation). no reason to stop it 3 days prior...

i'd reconsider the multiple SERMs in PCT, and maybe run Nolva at 20 mg for 6 weeks or so. frontloading doesn't really speed HPTA recovery, and high doses of clomid can cause some significant side effects for a lot of guys...


Look at what Bill Roberts advocates - shorter 8w cycles. For you at young age and I am guessing excellent endocrine system it could be way more beneficial to run 8w cyles with full HPTA recovery. This way you can run more of these in a year in comparison to 12-16 week cycles, which translates directly into more keepable gains long term and lighter stress on your HPTA. So you get to keep your natural T health in check and get more out of the gear.
my $0.02