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First Test E Cycle Log

5’9 170lbs 16% bf 20years old (i know)

Test enanthate : 500mg/week x 14weeks (have enough to run up to 650mg/wk for 14wks)
Pinning once a week in the quad or delt with a 25g x 1in (22g to draw)
*pinning every thursday morning, 1st shot was last week.

Adex on hand in case of gyno

PCT : clomid 100/100/50/50
Might grab some nolva or use a test booster after the clomid.

Diet : 2000cals/day right now(40/40/20) …going to bump it up to 3000cals/day in the 3rd or 4th week (500 above maint)

Current supps : orange triad (vitamins), omega 3, calcium, glucosamine, green tea, garlic pills, c4 preworkout and creatine

I feel stronger already but obviously its just the placebo effect…i cant wait to get some nasty pumps… i should have jumped started 1-4week with test prop to get the pumps and gains going early…i still can but ive already spent too much money on stupid things.

anyways i will be uploading before and after pics when i start seeing some gains…

stay tuned guys

Any tips or suggestions… let me know