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First Test E Cycle Final Preparations

I’m getting ready to start my very first AAS cycle of Test E 350mg - 400mg a week (10weeks). I have some anavar as well (been sitting on the shelf for 3 months haha). I have some HCG too (5000ui), but have a few questions concerning hcg on cycle. I’m trying to stay as healthy as possible on this 10 week recomp cycle with a smooth recovery.

I see some people say use HCG the same day as the first pin, and now after looking at a YouTube video this person suggested no more than 4-6wks for HCG. I actually read something similar on another board. What’s is the correct protocol for HCG on a 10wk Test E/anavar cycle?

25yrs old
Navy Vet
bf% unknown
7yrs lifting (calisthenics and weight training)
cycle history of spawn rx and epistane

nice physique, also i do not recommend HCG on a test e only cycle specially at those doses… not necessary, just make sure you have good pct, if you do really want to use the HCG then start after your last pin during your 2 week break, take 250 eod for 2 week and then start pct after, all hcg does is kickstart your balls and with test only as a compound its not needed.

Additionally, how long are you running anavar and what dose?

Thanks brother!!..i was thinking 40mg or 50mg for the last 6 weeks. They are 100 tabs dosed at 10mg per tab. Probably will order another bottle

That anavar dosing is fine. And I agree that HCG isn’t really necessary here.

Gonna run an AI? You should. And obviously a PCT. Both of those are far more important than the HCG.

No doubt brother, I was already prepared lol. Bought Nolvadex, Clomid, and Adex months in advance :blush::blush: