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First Test E Cycle. Feed back?

I’m picking my bottles, and needles up Friday. Going to start injecting on Sunday. Making sure everything is in place before I start.

Test E 1-10 wks 500 split in two days. 250 Sunday morning 250/Wednesday morning/ (Maybe 1-12wks if I have enough)

For my PCT, (ordering today).
Start Clomid two weeks after my last pin. Dosage 50/50/50/50mg? (everyday.) Suggestions maybe?
Nolvadex, Was thinking about taking the day I start 20mg a day, but I think that would be a waste of money. Should I take it only if gyno occurs? If gyno does occur I’ll up the dosage to 30mg, maybe 40mg.

For my pct, as I stated before, I don’t have them on me as of right now.

I’m open to tweaks, suggestions, negativity. I’m here to learn more. I’ve done research, but I feel now I need to ask questions to get the finishing touch before I start.

run arimidex .5mg eod, and 250iu hcg two or three times a week during your cycle (not PCT). Adex will stop oestrogen sides like bloat and gyno and hcg’ll stop your balls shrivelling (shrivelled balls = harder recovery).

The clomid 50 a day will work for PCT. Some people prefer nolva at 40/40/20/20, and some like to do both. Nolva helps with gyno symptoms during cycle if they appear but if you’re running arimidex you shouldn’t get gyno anyway


Starting your cycle without your PCT is a really stupid idea.