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First Test E Cycle, Diet Plan


I am currently in my first test e cycle pin 2ml
a week every Tuesday/friday 1ml each of those
daysand on my second week now just need to
Know if my diet is good or should i change it up

Age: 22
Bf%: 7%
Weight: 162lbs
Been training for 3 years


3 or 4 eggs
2 toasted whole wheat brd
1/2 cup salini mixed cheese
1 whey scoop
3.5% milk 1 cup
1 banana
1 protein bar

3 slice ham or tuna can
2 whole wheat
1/2 cup salini cheese
1 whey scoop
1 banana
1 protein bar
2 100mg iogo yogurt
1 container protein oats

1 cup salted peunuts
1 cup 3.5% milk
1 1/2 italian sausage
1 pasta dish with sauce
1 cup juice

Snack after (choose)
1 cup frozen fruit
1 cup juice or milk
Salad with dreasing
Whole wheat neutela bread

Protein= 240g+
Calories= 4000+

Just wondering if ill still make good gains on this
diet for my first cycle? Thank you


you don’t need 240g of protein when you only weigh 160lbs


hmm, seems to be lacking meats like chicken and red meat. looks like you got a lot of sugar in that last snack meal too