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First Test E Cycle. 10 Week Goals?

Running first test e cycle 1ml / week for 10 weeks.

6.3” 96.6kg been training for few year now.

What would a good weight gain with minimal fat be for the course of 10 weeks?

Any suggestions?

That tells us nothing. ‘1 ml’ is a volume. Unless your gear is very highly concentrated its probably not enough for a cycle. If it is high enough then its gonna hurt like hell. For all of these reasons and more I am slightly concerned for you.

What is your PCT plan?


That doesn’t tell us much, pics or bf estimate will help people give answers to your question.

Running test only cycle as first cycle.

Test e 250mg/week

I know it’s a low dose but recommended for first cycle. Body fat percentage around 15%.
Aiming for as close to 50% protein intake 40% carbs 10% fats.

Aim is to add as much muscle with as little fat. Just wondering what a good weight gain at the end of the 10 weeks would be?

This will help give you an idea of a guy with the same first cycle - he’s 100% committed with diet and training, had solid results, haven’t watched the video in ages but from memory he gained 6kg.

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Thanks man!

Guess time will tell just wanted something of a guide / comparison to go off of.


That is not a good macro breakdown. 10% from fats is leaving a lot of quality benefits on the table. In order to achieve that sort of breakdown you’re basically skipping a lot of foods that have nutrients you need to function properly.

I’ll bare that in mind. Read a few thinks with the 50/40/10.

Think I’m going to basically try hit the daily calories with as much protein as poss up to 50%. And carbs and fats not too much of a concern

I gained 12 kg in 12 weeks on 400mg Test-E a week.
Different measurement though

hey bro can you answer a couple questions for me i’m about to run the same cycle soon