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First Test E and Dbol Cycle Please Help

I fluctuate between 205 and 199 im 10% body fat
1 meal 4 whole 8 egg whites two pieces of eskekiel bread
2 5 raw eggs 3 tablespoons of peanut butter 2 cups of milk flax ceed oil
3 2 cups rice 5oz talopia cranberry juice
4 2 a day iso mass with two raw eggs added with 2 table spoons peanut butter
5 ranges between serveral things always 800-900 cals only radical meal still clean
6 10 ounce steak eskekiel bread and vegtables
after work out nitrotech and 5 meal
total ranges from 5000 to 6000cals a day depending
always muiltvitamin and 1000 iu vitamin E
work out legs 2 week every 3-4 days every thing esle 2 depending on the needed areas bis traps calves whatever is lacking i will emphasize on that week or until i improve dont have uppercross syndrome of lower posture perfect slight protruding neck slowly fixing everything goes with gravity almost equal

doing 500mg a week every 3.5 days for 10 weeks
dianbol every day for 4.5 weeks 35 mg

along with exestane 12.5 e2d range with sides
torem 25mg every day
adding life support liv52 joint support as well
2weeks after last pin
hcg 2 weeks consisting of 10,000 iu then
120/90/60/30 torem
aromasin need help with if needed please tell me

been traning for some time
6 0
calves 16
chest 42
thighs lacking 25
arms 15
wasit 32
have slight x factor strong physique strong body but nothing to be impressed by yet want to hit 230 and hold 218 after cycle is this possible and is my cycle on

I would run the hcg on cycle. No need to run the torem on cycle along side the AI

I run aromasin during pct at a low dose, usually 12.5 EOD for the first week then drop it to 6.25 the rest of the time and then another week past pct then taper off

Thank you I appreciate the help What kind of gains did you get off your cycle an would I be alright without hcg just want to do the two week method of 5000 iu for two weeks before pct

aromasin should be dosed 2x ED as it has a 9 hour half life in men.