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First Test - Dbol - Proviron Cycle

Hi Guys,

I’m a 24 year old 5’11, 160 lbs, fairly built Indian guy who has been training for almost 2 years now but given the hard-gainer symptoms, the best I could do was go from a meek 110 lbs to 160. So basically it took me 2 years to put on 50 pounds of muscle. (All natural yes). During this phase I ran 3 cycles of Animal M Stak and saw really good results. However, now I’ve decided to go for my 1st gear. I’ve done a considerable amount of research and hence found out that oral only cycles aren’t the best to look for. I’ve got my hand on the following gear and plan to run it next week onwards. If all you experts out there can please suggest me any changes in this, please be my guest:

Week 1-4 : Test 500mg each week + Dbol 30mg each day + Proviron 25 mg each day
Week 5-8 : Test 500mg each week
Week 9-12: Test 500mg each week

Week 14-18 : Nolvadex 40mg per week

Questions that keep popping up in my head are:

Do I need Clomid as well in addition to Nolvadex?
Do I need HCG as well as a PCT or during the cycle?
I’m freaked out by the slightest idea of having man boobs so I want to make sure I have my hands on all the required gear before I even start my 1st injection. Please advice.


Try food