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First Test Cyp Cycle

I thought as much. I last took arimidex friday what would you recommend on doseage to bring levels back up? I appreciate the advice

I’d say don’t take it for a week or so. Just let things slowly creep back up. Arimidex is very powerful and even a small amount could continue to exacerbate the problem. Missing a dose for a week won’t hurt you under normal conditions, and under your condition it really should be beneficial. Give it a week, see if you start to feel better, then resume taking it if needed at a much lower dosage until your cycle ends.

Thanks I appreciate the advice.

I’d drop it completely. Many do 500mg a week with no AI and no problems. Taking an AI and Nolva, dude, what a waste of test.

Drop it completely for a few weeks, then consider 10mg of nolva a day if you need it.

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